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  1. ashleydenise

    I'm just a small town girl.

    Growing my eyebrows out to reshape, don't mind them! Constructive criticism, por favor?I I'm actually not a small town girl, but that's what this reminds me of.. Me and my sister did our hair and makeup just to go to walmart since we...
  2. ashleydenise

    Paint Pots pulling away from edge

    If my paint pot is pulling away from the edges in the jar does anyone know what that means?!
  3. ashleydenise

    white base.

    Does anyone have any good rec's for a white base, other than NYX Milk =] tia.
  4. ashleydenise

    Shade Sticks..

    Does anybody have any good rec's on the 'best' way to use shade sticks? Every time I try and use them I feel like I'm ripping my eye lid off, it's super rough and they don't go on evenly =[
  5. ashleydenise

    Pink Bronze Pigment

    I got Pink Bronze Pigment earlier this year but have yet to use it because I can't think of any good combos. Does anybody have any tried and true combinations that work well with this pigment? I hate that it just sits there because it's such a beautiful color!
  6. ashleydenise

    [but i never told you what i should have said]

    This is a look I did a few weeks ago and has quickly become an easy favorite! Feedback is appreciated, lemme know what you would do different! Sorry there is only one picture I was on my way to the besties for a friday night family time! TFSI MAC Vanilla e/s MAC Gesso e/s MAC Poison Pen e/s MAC...
  7. ashleydenise

    [a place where the sun always shines]

    I did this look on sunday, sorry for the crappy pictures, I took them with my iphone and I couldn't get a decent shot... I'm still trying to figure out if I like dark shadow on me, I always go bright. MAC innuendo MAC satin taupe MAC black tied fluidline.
  8. ashleydenise

    I did my own acrylics.

    I really miss having my nails done, but I can't because I can't afford the maintenence.... So I saved my change (literally) and bought a nail drill! I got a $50 one from Sally's but I think I need to exchange it because it turns on and off.... Anyways, they're def too short, and a little thick...
  9. ashleydenise

    Game On.

    So I went to the doctor 2 fridays ago... When the scale said "263" I said "GAME ON!" lol I think the nurse thought I was crazy. I've been in the 250's for a few years but I always said if I went over that I was done.. So I started working out everyday... then this last friday I joined Weight...
  10. ashleydenise

    a Contrast between 5 & 92.

    I wasn't really able to get a good picture of just the makeup so I threw some others in from tonight so you could somewhat see the makeup. Enjoy! && CC please! =] [eyes] MUFE 5 MUFE 92 MAC Contrast MAC Vanilla UD Liquid Liner/Perversion DiorShow Mascara The Cousin. && the sister.
  11. ashleydenise

    I'm 5 years in to a 2 year plan...

    I've been really exausted & having alot of ibs flare ups lately and haven't been wearing anything except Stilla Kitten and mascara cause I don't want to even think of makeup, but these are 2 looks I did last month... They both looked better in person, I hate how the camera washes them out... &&...
  12. ashleydenise


    Does anyone have any feedback on Mehron palettes? I love xsparkage on youtube and I've noticed her using it alot.. If you use it, does it tend to crease for you? I have oily lids and I'm not sure if I'm willing to spend $40+ on a palette if it's going to crease... mods, Idk if this belongs...
  13. ashleydenise

    Definitely, Maybe.

    I watched Definitely, Maybe today, I thought it was so cute, I love Ryan Reynolds, he's a super cutie!! This is a look I did last week, Idk why the dark doesn't look blended but it looked fine irl... Fafi Eyes2 Blacktrack Clinique Mascara && most likely Orgasm Blush
  14. ashleydenise


    My puppy Tulah Belle has parvo, I'm so upset, I can't stop crying. She's been sick for about 2 days, and we finally took her in to the vet tonight expecting her to have ate something (the nutcase chews on EVERYTHING) and have a blockage, but the vet just called me about an hour ago and said...
  15. ashleydenise

    Once a cheater....?

    Do you believe the phrase 'once a cheater, always a cheater?' Or do you think a man can change?
  16. ashleydenise

    I just wanted to say, I'm sorry.

    I'm came home from work sick today, so I figured I'd play with makeup... When I play I only do 1 eye cause I like to try out new things on each eye lol.. anyways.. I still can't figure out if I like it or despise this look, I dont think I'm liking the Falling Star, but I couldn't figure out...
  17. ashleydenise

    i'll love you til i get to heavens gate...

    My brother got married on June 8th =] After doing the brides makeup, my sisters and my niece's makeup and hair, I was literally left with minutes to do mine ;x So this is my simple makeup for the wedding! All MAC. Nylon Mulch Bronze Ricepaper Blacktrack fl and I don't remember the mascara ;x...
  18. ashleydenise


    I'm not sure if I'm in the right place, so if i'm not feel free to move it.. But does anyone know of myspace or livejournal groups that do challenges and such? I tried looking for some but couldn't find any, and our challenge forum seems to be dead =[
  19. ashleydenise

    One Word, That's All You Said...

    Don't pay attention to the mess I made with the wing, my allergies are killer right now so my eyes were super watery =[ Hyperreal nw20 Nars Orgasm TooFaced Shadow Insurance Shroom Blue Brown Piggy Bottle Green Aquadisiac Shimmermoss Carbon Water Based MM. Random Clinique freebie Mascara.
  20. ashleydenise

    He's An Angel With No Halo

    I love Knight Devine, I can't make Carbon work for me, but this works great! && Does anyone have a problem with Teal Piggy to where it doesn't look solid I guess, like it has patches? Does this make sense? All Mac: Hyperreal NW20 Nars Orgasm Bronzer in Golden Eyes: Teal Piggy Big T Parrot...