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  1. babyfauxblondie

    udpp on waterline?

    is it safe to use updd on the waterline? i was reading a review for guerlain's loose eye kohl somewhere and the person said she used udpp as a base before applying the eyeliner. lmk
  2. babyfauxblondie

    Gretchen Wieners look from Mean Girls?

    Haha, I know that's not the best picture of her but I loved the make-up used for Lacey Chabert's character. It was mainly bronzer/burnt orange blush to accentuate her tan, intense yet thinly used black eyeliner, really thick eyelashes, hot-pink/sheer red lipgloss and highlighting on her browbone...
  3. babyfauxblondie

    Blue Pigment Dupe?

    Is there an e/s or another pigment from MAC or another brand that has good color payoff and a similar color to the original blue pigment? It's discontinued unfortunatley, and ebay is full of fakes...please help! Thanks
  4. babyfauxblondie

    Homecoming Look?

    I'm planning on getthing *this* Betsey Johnson dress to wear, but I need a good make-up look to go along with it. Besides knowing what my dress will be, I think i'll put my hair down slightly curled and with a small pouf on top. Any recc's for a look? Thanks
  5. babyfauxblondie


    Any brand Thank youuuuuu!
  6. babyfauxblondie

    Nude l/s for NC40-42 Skin?

    Preferably matte, but some gloss is fine I've been looking at NARS' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Belle Du Jour but I've heard some bad reviews on it...I might go try it on at Sephora tomorrow, though. Let me know about any rec's! Thanks <3
  7. babyfauxblondie

    Products Used for this Look? I found this picture on myspace and this girl is totally gorgeous. Does anyone have any ideas about what products to use for this whole look? Thanks
  8. babyfauxblondie

    Taylor Swift - Our Song: 1st Look Rec's?

    I love the first look Taylor had in the music video! She had gold eyes and really thick lashes with a really pretty peachy lip. Could anyone help me with products that can be used to achieve the whole first look? Thanks Here's some pictures too...
  9. babyfauxblondie

    **masque Dupe?

    masque l/s from the alexander mcqueen collection? if anyone knows of a dupe by any brand, pleaseeeeeee let me know! thanks
  10. babyfauxblondie

    3N Lipstick Dupe?

    I'm so mad I didn't go to MAC and buy it when it was availible? Does anyone happen to know of a similar color? I'm open to any brand
  11. babyfauxblondie

    NARS Exhibit A & Taj Majal Blush?

    i was wondering how you liked them? i've been thinking about purchasing one or the other at sephora, but i'm stuck between the both of them. for references, i'm a nc40-42 with golden yellow undertones. thanks! <3