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  1. Licota

    N.Y.X liquid foundation

    Hi guys! I'm curious about N.Y.X liquid foundation - any reviews on this? Couldn't find anything in the forum.
  2. Licota


    Hi guys! I've just bought myself a new camera! Never had a camera before, and now I enjoy walking around and take pictures of everything. I bought myself a Canon Powershot G10 - and it's great! Even my pro BF with his huuuge single lens reflex is jealous. Does anyone else in here have...
  3. Licota

    Difference between NC20 and NW20

    Hi guys! I've been using NC20 in studio fix fluid a couple of times, but think that this is a little too yellow for my skin. Is there a big difference between NC and NW?
  4. Licota

    Smashbox photofinish primer

    I was *this* close to purchase this primer today, but then I remembered... I already have Clarins Instant Smooth Perfecting Touch at home, and thought that I might that one a few more tries before a buy another. So- my question is, is there anyone who has experience with Smashbox photofinish...
  5. Licota

    Fine lines under eyes

    Hi! I have a (huge) problem - when I put my makeup on, concealer, foundation and powder, my fine lines under my eyes just *pop* out! This is because the makeup won't lay in there, I suppose. Like I have wrinkles?! I've tried Clarins Perfect Touch, but it didn't help that much. Any ideas of...
  6. Licota

    Hi everybody!

    I was recommended this forum by a very good friend of mine, known as darklocke in this forum. I'm norwegian, with blonde hair and green eyes, and have a very light/fair skin. My eyebrowes are dark and so my eyelashes, but I love mascara anyway. I don't have a close relationship with...