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  1. Dreamergirl3

    Nude Polish Rec for NC25-30 girl?

    I really want a nude polish, something that would go nicely with my NC25-30 complexion. I've attempted nudes in the past but they weren't warm enough and made my nails look corpse-like or they were too warm and made my nails look dirty. I'd love some recommendations! I just would like to avoid...
  2. Dreamergirl3

    Foundation Recs for 50+ Skin

    My darling Mother has always had foundation woes. She can't afford more expensive foundations and is pretty much restricted to drugstore. For Christmas/her birthday I want to buy her a nice one. She's too pretty for crappy foundation! I would love some recs for her. Some info on her skin: -dry...
  3. Dreamergirl3

    Can Anyone ID this dress Fergie is wearing?

    Does anyone know who the designer of this dress is? Thanks a bunch!
  4. Dreamergirl3

    Root Touch Up Tips Needed Please :D

    A couple months ago I dyed my hair and absolutely loved the color. I repurchased the dye and am ready to touch it up. I've dyed my hair a few times before, but I wasn't as fond of the results and therefore have never done a touch up. I'm kind of concerned about getting color elsewhere other...
  5. Dreamergirl3

    soft/emollient drugstore Liner

    Hi all. I want to get better at making a 'cut' crease and need some new liners to practice with. I don't want to buy high end liners for this because the whole technique is new to me and I don't want to waste it. For a while I was using Wet N Wild + NYC liners but they're pretty dry and hard to...
  6. Dreamergirl3

    Save on Revlon, Buy Jordana!

    If you're looking for a new liquid liner from the drugstore, especially Walgreens, disregard Revlon ColorStay Liquid Eye Pen! I bought the Revlon one early March and it worked pretty well, not as good as I expected though. But the felt tip made application a breeze. I paid around 8 dollars for...
  7. Dreamergirl3

    HerStyler 3 Part curler vs Enzo Milano w/Pics

    So recently my boyfriend (love you babe!) bought me a HerStyler 3 Part Curling Iron from eBay. It was a steal at $80 dollars versus the $300 MSRP It's a clipless curling iron that comes with 3 different sized interchangeable barrels: -13mm conical/tapered (about .5in) -19mm slightly conical...
  8. Dreamergirl3

    Cyber l/s in Lipgloss form

    I just saw an FOTD with MAC Cyber lipstick and fell in love! But I'm not really much of a lipstick person, I'm a gloss lover. Can anyone recommend a color like Cyber but in a gloss? Any brand at all will do!
  9. Dreamergirl3

    Wet to Dry flat irons, thoughts?

    Have any of you used those wet to dry flat irons? T3 makes one, Herstyler makes one...I've always wanted to know if they're a good investment. If you have one or used one, how did you like it? Was your hair frizzy at all? Did you see damage? Do you love it?
  10. Dreamergirl3

    Boots for small calves?

    Normally I don't think many thin calved ladies have this issue, but I do. I wear a size 8 to 8.5 shoe, but I'm fairly short and VERY petite (size 2) so though my foot is a little big, my calves are very very skinny. I have never ever found a boot that fit my shoe size and also my calf size...
  11. Dreamergirl3

    L'oreal True Match = Lancome Color Ideal

    I hope this helps someone! If you like Lancome Color Ideal foundation but are hating that it's $37, you should give L'Oreal True Match foundations. They are pretty much identical, from what I can tell... Lancome Color Ideal ingredients: Water, Isododecane, Cyclopentasiloxane, Glycerin...
  12. Dreamergirl3

    Royal & Langnickel brushes (not the ones from Michaels)

    I know these brushes have been mentioned but they were the art ones from Michaels. I actually checked the site a few weeks ago and they have actual makeup brushes! So I wanted to know if anyone on Specktra has used them. According to MUA's on ModelMayhem they are superior to Crown. The one I...
  13. Dreamergirl3

    Salma Hayek's pretty pink lips :)

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody had recs for Salma Hayek's pink lips? I love that it's a soft pink color, not too bright or in your face. Thanks tons!
  14. Dreamergirl3

    Milani Autumn Earth quad + Sunbasque

    Inspired by Jude! This Milani quad has very similar colors to the ones she used. Kinda upset that the rusty red color I used hardly showed up here and all you see is the orange And please excuse my creasing concealer! Her look can be viewed on her blog here and she has a great tutorial for it...
  15. Dreamergirl3

    What were you for Halloween?

    I was a sexy schoolgirl What were you? Post pics!!!
  16. Dreamergirl3

    drugstore Navy Blue e/l

    I'm looking for a navy blue eyeliner. A dark navy, but unmistakably blue. If anyone knows of a good drugstore one, please let me know! Thanks
  17. Dreamergirl3

    Food Blogs, any favorites?

    I LOVE food blogs! So many recipes to try and they're great to draw cooking inspiration from. Does anyone have any they read on a regular basis? Please share! I'm always looking for the next best recipe Some of my favorites are Slashfood Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy smitten kitchen yumsugar |...
  18. Dreamergirl3

    I can't believe she's gone :(

    Hi everyone, I really need to vent and no one around me really understands, and usually when that happens I know I can always turn to Specktra. I'm suffering from the loss of my wonderful beloved cat, Kiki. God I can't even think about her without crying... She was my very best friend. I...
  19. Dreamergirl3

    Beauty Blender Dupe!

    Hey all! If you're like me then you've been wanting a Beauty Blender sponge and BADLY but never obtained one since, well, 20USD is a lot of money for an egg shaped sponge, I've got great news! I was at Target today and saw one by Sonia Kashuk that is really similar! And it's only 9.99! I plan...
  20. Dreamergirl3

    Neti Pot/Nasal irrigation

    I have a deviated septum and have been plagued with sinus problems my whole life (and I'm only 22!) from chronic sinus infections to terrible seasonal, indoor and outdoor allergies. In the future, I plan to get my deviated septum corrected and have other work done to alleviate most of my sinus...