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  1. snugglebunny

    Please Help! Miranda Kerr & Hayden Panettiere Hairstyle and Hairspray Rec. Prom near!

    I have 2-3 questions that I really hope yall can answer >_< My Prom is coming up in two weeks and I really need to get a good hairspray and try to get that Hayden Panettiere red carpet hair. For reference: My hair is extremely straight, doesn't like to stay curled, VERY layered varying from...
  2. snugglebunny

    Please give me your input on these foundations/powders/TM

    Hello ladies and gentlemen I am going to my cousin's wedding in a few months and would like to have great looking skin while there. I have tried Everyday Minerals, but my skin was too oily for it, and I currently have Silk Naturals, and my skin is too oily for it. However, I will say that I...
  3. snugglebunny

    Are The ICING Accessories store's eyeshadow pallets any good?

    Hello! I read VanessaGarcia's blog about The ICING eyeshadow pallet and the swatches seems to have decent pigmentation from what the picture shows. However, it was only one type of pallet. There are many other ones that I would like to get and am wondering if anybody else has boughten this...
  4. snugglebunny

    Max Factor Products

    Has anyone tried Max Factor stuff? I saw on so many backstage fashion videos that Pat McGrath uses this brand and it seems nice, but I can't see the products well enough in the fuzzy videos. What's your opinion on all their products? (lipgloss, lipstick, e/s, concealer, pan-stick) I am...
  5. snugglebunny

    Drugstore Brand Lipstick recommendation & swatch request

    Hello Specktra members =) I signed up for specktra, I'm not sure how long ago, but I'm still pretty new in how this site works. I posted this up in the Swatch request but no one ever answered me, so I decided to post my own thread right here. I hope I didn't break any rules by posting almost...