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  1. BehindxHerxEyes

    Say yeah!

    I stopped by my MAC counter for an overcast s/s*which they didnt have * and noticed this gorgeous pink/gold e/s, and bought it. and it just clicked that I never saw that shadow on the website or anything, it wasnt on my wishlist and I thought it was discontinued.. Was it one of those lucky MAC...
  2. BehindxHerxEyes


    Those pictures really suck, but you get the idea.. Lucky jade s/s~Aquadisiac upper and lower line Gracious me s/s~Love bud on lid Bare canvas paint on crease and browbone Gleam in crease Shroom and a tiny bit of pink opal pigment to higlight
  3. BehindxHerxEyes

    Blues and Parfait Amour

    Please excuse the hidiousness of my face in this one.. And my hair isnt done either.. I used... Gracious Me shadestick Lucky Jade shadestick Bare canvas paint Parfait Amour Shimmermoss Steamy Aquadisiac Gorgeous Gold Shroom Vanilla Pigment NC20 Select Sheer powder MSF in Naked You
  4. BehindxHerxEyes

    B2M mini haul

    In bag Frou, Clear, Awaken and Softsparkle pencil in Night sky and peacocked(last haul) My new homemade pallettes inspired by member Poppy Z... also the reason for my haul since I had 22 empties!!! Open Pallettes- Green/Blues, Naturals/Randoms, Pinks/Purples My beloved Shroom...
  5. BehindxHerxEyes

    Love Peacocked softsparlke pencil. pic heavy.

    Peacocked Softsparkle Pencil, Steamy, Sprout, Shroom e/s Juxt, Steamy, Shroom, Pink opal pigment NC20 Select sheer powder Naked You msf Loreal juicy pina coloda gloss, melon and pink opal pigment on bottom lip.
  6. BehindxHerxEyes

    My eyes turned blue when I wasnt looking.

    This is how my makeup looked last night. And for some reason, my eyes are blue and not their usual green or greenish blue.. weird. I used. Lucky Jade shadestick Streamy Upper last line, and outer lower lash line Swimming outer lid, and inner lower lash line Gracious me shadestick Swish...
  7. BehindxHerxEyes

    A quick EOTD

    I used. Lucky Jade shadestick then Golden Olive pigment with mixing medium on top and bottom inner lash line Grachious Me shadestick then Liesuretime on top and bottom outer lash line Swish Pink Freeze Bare canvas paint then Shroom White Gold pigment with mixing medium on brow bone. Eye Kohl in...
  8. BehindxHerxEyes

    A freshwater parfait...

    Please excuse the cheesy myspace face.. Not the best pics, but I wanted to do this combo for my first FOTD!!! I used.. ~eyes Bare canvas paint over entire eye Freshwater e/s~with mixing medium Parfait Amour over Gracious me shadestick Shroom Vanilla pigment as highlighter Pink Opal...
  9. BehindxHerxEyes

    My tiny MAC collection..

    I decided I had just enough to post my collection... My MAC on the floor.. Naked You MSF. Select Sheer pressed powder in NC20 Trend Pallette. Teal holiday Stashette brush set. 213 brush. Lucky jade-Taupographic-Sea Me-Gracious Me-Beighing Shadestick. Coco-Pink Opal-Bright Coral full size...
  10. BehindxHerxEyes

    A question about bases...

    I know there are topics about bases, but I was wondering, with MAC shadows is there specific bases that are better for each finish? No matter what I use underneath, all my lustre shadows dont show up as vibrant as I want them too..