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  1. Magic Markers

    My baby MAC-free makeup "collection"

    Most of my stuff (especially the clinique) are GWP that my great-grandmother and my grandmother gave me. But hey, I'm not picky We don't have a MAC counter anywhere really "near" (within about half an hour's drive) so I have not been able to begin to worship it. I am going to a mall that's a...
  2. Magic Markers

    About a million FOTDs. ((Okay, so a million really means six)) Picture heavy.

    Hello This is my third Specktra thread! I've been meaning to post more FOTDs, but I never actually upload and post the pictures haha. I think that's part of the requirements though. And since I don't have anything to do tonight (my father decided at like lunch to postpone our vacation until...
  3. Magic Markers

    My first FOTD!

    Okay, so I've never really been interested in eyeshadow until seeing what all of you are capable of! So, this is pretty much my second ever attempt at eyeshadow, so I just kept it kind of simple. What I used: Face: Clinique Blended Face Powder (Transparency 3) Signature Club A Crystal...
  4. Magic Markers

    It's just barely 11 o'clock!

    So this is my first thread on Specktra! How exciting. I justttt ordered this offline; I'm still feeling guilty: Big Budda Brush Set Shadow brush And the liner brush (the two brushes that didn't come in the set) Plus, the liquid liner in soot. 118.40, free shipping... And that was with the...