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  1. LadyLaundale

    MAC Master Class - 5-day Intro to Makeup - What do I bring?

    Hey all! So, I registered for this MAC Master Class in NYC starting on November 13th. It was $950 with $200 back in product. The class title is the 5-day Intro to Makeup Class. Here is the description: A vibrant career in makeup begins with the fundamentals. In this comprehensive course you...
  2. LadyLaundale

    Blonde on Blonde dupe

    Can anyone think of a Blonde on Blonde dupe? I've fallen in love with this lipcolor and I know I should get a backup, if I can still find one (B2M) in my area. Just in case I can't, is there is similar shade from the regular line? I'm just not that familiar with the lipsticks. The best I...
  3. LadyLaundale

    VGVI Lipstick and Lipglass - Swatch Pic

    Definitely getting both of these!
  4. LadyLaundale

    Lingerie at

    So, everyone already knows they have some of the Lingerie collection on the Nordstroms site? Or am I actually the first to deliver this news, lol?