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  1. JEMisMyName

    Parrot makes a gloomy day bright

    sorry for the blurry pics, stupid camera phone. Parrot, Retrospeck, NYC highligher pencil(inner corners) Engraved el, breezy blush, flusterose lustreglass
  2. JEMisMyName

    Job Interview FOTD

    I promise it looked better IRL Stillife paint, Naked Lunch, Satin Taupe,Retrospeck, Breezy blush w/ NAked lunch layered over
  3. JEMisMyName

    2 eotd and a pic of me

    Thunder quad! I this! me: Purple eyes- I'm not loving this
  4. JEMisMyName

    *edited* Agate and Pollen EOTD

    I actually like this look today. I've rec'd a few compliments. 8) Here is what I used: Agate, which looks like beauty marked, Pollen, dollymix blush, zoom lash and flusterose lustreglass(not shown) sorry for the washed out pics...used my sidekick ***Edited to add better pics....****
  5. JEMisMyName

    Old Gold and Mover Shaker

    ugh. this did not turn out how I invisioned old gold piggie, movershaker in crease. dollymix blush and tangeria lipglass tasti
  6. JEMisMyName

    MY first FOTD!

    Hi! this is my first FOTD! sorry for the crappy pics. they are from my cell. I'm wearing swimming and pollen es, engraved powerpoint, dollymix blush and oyster girl lipglass. PLEASE BE GENTLE!!! I'm at work!
  7. JEMisMyName

    Hi everyone!

    Hi! My name is Kim. I love makeup, especially MAC. I'm excited to have found this website for makeup inspiration and tips. I hope to share some FOTD's once I'm brave enough
  8. JEMisMyName

    My makeup Collection : )

    Hi all! this is my first post. I thought I'd start off by posting my small makeup collection that is mostly MAC All my makeup in the super huge tackle box eyeshadows- I need a new palette paints glitter liners fluidliners and BB gel liner blush and ccb pigments part of my lipgloss...