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  1. StArCaNdY

    Pressing Pigments

    Does anyone know if I can press pigments to any pot or any container or does it have to be an aluminum pan like the mac ones? Thanks..I'm trying to use these cute hello kitty pots I got at target
  2. StArCaNdY

    Matte Light Pink E/S Recs

    I'm looking for an e/s similar to give me liberty of london e/s. I love the color how it looks in the pot but once I apply, it doesn't show up at all on my NC35 skin. It's not very pigmented either. Any suggestions for other matte light pinks from MAC or any other brand? Thanks so much!
  3. StArCaNdY

    Lipstick Recommendation for Runway Look

    I'm loving this lipstick but I have no idea what it is. This was from Donna Karan's Ready-to-Wear Spring 2009 Runway Show. Please help! Thanks!! I'm NC35 with very pigmented lips for reference.
  4. StArCaNdY

    Need Brownie and Cookie Recipes

    I want to bake some chocolate chip cookies and brownies for a friend of mine stationed in Iraq. I've never made any so I have no idea how to make them. I've been looking online on the Food Network site but I don't know if those are any good. If any of you have a really good recipe for either...
  5. StArCaNdY

    UDPP for Undereye Concealer??

    I'm having a really hard time finding an undereye concealer for my dark circles that lasts all day. I've tried so many different concealers, even the ones that are supposed to be "the best", expensive and cheap ones, and although it looks great at the moment within an hour or 2 its dark again...
  6. StArCaNdY

    Nars Plum Blush

    I own MAC's Plum Foolery but I'm curious if there's any Nars plum blush similar or even better. I really love Nars blushes and want my collection of them to grow. By the way I'm NC35. Thanks! If you girls know of any other Nars blushes that look good on NC35 let me know!
  7. StArCaNdY

    Strawberry Lemonade Lipstick

    I want a strawberry lemonade color lipstick. I see there's a pink lemonade lip glass, but it looks kinda light. Does anybody have the pink lemonade lip glass? And what lipsticks do you guys recommend that has a strawberry lemonade color to it. I'm NC35 if that helps. Thanks so much!
  8. StArCaNdY

    Estee Lauder vs. MAC Foundation

    I went to Nordie's the other day and tried Estee Lauder's Doublewear Light Foundation. It felt so light and still gave me the coverage I need. I normally wear MAC Studio Fix Fluid but I'm thinking of switching to E.L.'s. Anyone use E.L.'s foundation? I'm kind of torn since studio fix gives me...
  9. StArCaNdY

    Puffy Eyes

    Lately my eyes have been really puffy. I use an Aveeno eye cream but I really dont think that helps. I usually have undereye circles and I conceal them but of course the puffiness still shows. Anyone have any recommendations for an eye cream that could treat puffiness and dark circles? Any...
  10. StArCaNdY

    Need Help With This Look

    I love Kim Kardashian's makeup here...especially the eyes. Anyone know what she used or how I can recreate this? Thanks a million!
  11. StArCaNdY

    Pigment Help

    I been using Vanilla pigment to highlight my inner eyes but it doesnt last. Today i used some UDPP as a base and it lasted longer than usual but still not as much as i'd like it to. Anyone have any recommendations or know what I can use to prevent fall out and make it last? I was thinking of...
  12. StArCaNdY

    Consultation with Carmindy from "What Not To Wear"

    So I was on Carmindy's website and noticed she does private one-on-one makeup consultations. It says "the makeup consultation takes around 1 1/2 hours and includes brow grooming, makeup application with lesson, personal makeup bag analysis, shopping list of products, diagram of your customized...
  13. StArCaNdY

    My Little Collection

    I'm bored at home so I decided to finally take pictures of the little stuff I do have. Hope you guys enjoy! Thanks for looking My Sephora Traincase Here it is open Brushes and misc. items Eyeshadows Eyeliners, mascaras, and anastacia brow palette Lip stuff Palettes, udpp, and...
  14. StArCaNdY

    Eyeshadow Colors

    I'm having trouble getting my eyeshadow colors to show exactly how they do on the pot. I put foundation on my lids first to prep and prime the area but it never ends up looking the same. I used to have MAC prep and prime eye and that didn't really work either. What can I use so that the colors...
  15. StArCaNdY

    Pressing B.E.

    Just wondering if its possible to press B.E. eyeshadows the same way pigments are pressed..Anyone ever do that?
  16. StArCaNdY

    Best Brush for Outer V Eyeshadow

    Which brush should I use to apply eyeshadow to the outer v of the eye? I own 217 and 239 and tried doing it with both but I couldnt get it right. :confused:
  17. StArCaNdY

    Classified Cosmetics ERA Spray On Foundation

    Anyone ever try this spray foundation? Its the foundation Carmindy uses on TLC's What Not To Wear.
  18. StArCaNdY

    My Labor Day Weekend Haul!

    I just got: Mac- Brush 239, Peaches Blush Nars- Torrid Blush Sephora- Pearl No.6 e/s Benefit- High Beam Bobbi Brown- Violet Ink Gel Liner Stila- Paramour l/s Yay! Can't wait to try everything!:dancey:
  19. StArCaNdY

    Peachy Blush

    Anyone have a recommendation for a peach blush? I wear NC35 if that helps. I was considering Orgasm from Nars since everyone says its so great but I'm not sure how peach it is
  20. StArCaNdY

    Best Foundation Sponge Wedge Applicator

    Which sponge wedge applicator is best for applying foundation? I heard Upstage Professional sponge wedges are really good and inexpensive but I can't find them anywhere! Anyone know any other sponges that are good and preferrably inexpensive? Thanks!