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  1. allthingsglam

    MAC Loud & Clear Collection (Feb, 2020)

    Me too first Mac collection in a long Tim’sm time I want everything 🥰🥰🥰
  2. allthingsglam

    Jeffree Star Cosmetics

    These just came can't wait to try them out I also got the beautiful designer blood which I loveee and dreamhouse beautiful but super bright
  3. allthingsglam

    MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection (2016)

    My goodies so far Loving everything
  4. allthingsglam

    (HAA): Highlighter Addicts Anonymous

    Hi dilligaf the top swatch is the star and bottom swatch is the gold hope this helps
  5. allthingsglam

    (HAA): Highlighter Addicts Anonymous

    This is my new love too wet n wild Holly gold head
  6. allthingsglam

    (HAA): Highlighter Addicts Anonymous

    Anybody else Loving this Laura Geller rose glow
  7. allthingsglam


    Loving Honey b lipgloss one of my fave I pick up
  8. allthingsglam

    Walgreens Disney villains collection

    My Walgreens villians haul 1f33a This is the first Walgreens exclusive where I wanted to buy everything I loveeeeeee this collection so much the packaging and the products Going back for more this is what I have got so far1f4951f4951f4951f4951f4951f495
  9. allthingsglam

    Loreal exclusive pure reds collection⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Loving loving these lipsticks so far I have 4 colors.i will be picking them all up I got mines at cvs for 9.99 no sale yet and most of the colors were your pure reds lipsticks here I loveeeee these so much2b502b502b502b50
  10. allthingsglam

    [No title]

    Yessss its my birthday(jan3)finally got all my bday presents and I'm loving everything post your bday hauls here1f3881f3881f3881f3881f3821f3821f3821f382
  11. allthingsglam

    Cheap thrills makeup under $5 dollars

    Post your cheap thrills find here1f60d
  12. allthingsglam

    [No title]

    Retro matte Matte Satin Cremesheen Glaze Frost Lustre Amplified................My TOP 3 ARE 1 satin 2 matte 3 cremesheen
  13. allthingsglam

    Lipgloss lovers

    My first love is a great sexy lipgloss mainly I love a nude lip post your fave lipgloss swatch here1f48b1f48b1f48b1f48b1f48b
  14. allthingsglam

    Clear lip liners the best around high and low end.........

    Hi all I'm looking for clear lip liners I have looked at high and low end elf even have one which ones is everybody loving I wish mac made a clear liner
  15. allthingsglam

    Wet n wild limited edition 2014

    Well well was at cvs today and I spotted these new le bronzer/blush I got everything under the sun it looks so pretty can't wait to do a look with it.i was just saying earlier how I didn't need another blush o well it was just 3.99 and so adorable I could not help myself lol
  16. allthingsglam

    Vintage lipstick holders

    I love the look of a single vintage lipstick holder I'm going to start collect them post your here they are so pretty1f4971f4971f4971f4971f4971f497
  17. allthingsglam

    Revlon ColorBurst matte balm

    I love love theses I have found a new love I picked up shameless then went back to get standout both are so beautiful post your matte balm pic here these are well worth the price they go on so pretty and smooth and they make my lips feel soooooo good I'm in love I can't wait to collect them all...
  18. allthingsglam

    freshly washed babies

    Nothing like freshly washed makeup brushes post your freshly washed brushes here