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  1. makeupNdesign

    Feelin' earthy!

    Felt like rockin' the neutrals today Sorry the brows are all jacked up, it was the end of the workday when I took the pic, lol. Thanks for looking! Products used (MAC): FACE NC 40 Studiofix Fluid/NC42 Studiofix Powder Gingerly Blush Accentuate as highlight Medium Deep MSF for contour EYES...
  2. makeupNdesign

    Dramatic Pink and Purple Butterfly Mask

    Happy Belated Halloween! I decided to create a butterfly mask (Please excuse poor photo quality--I took the photo with my MacBook) All items used are MAC unless specified otherwise: Pro Paint Stick in White (base) Fascinating Eye Pencil Blacktrack Fluidline (outline/wing detail) Pink Freeze...
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    First weekend on the job for MAC

  4. makeupNdesign

    IMATS 2008 Video

  5. makeupNdesign

    I'm finally embracing my natural waves!

    Help! After years of abusing my hair with flat irons trying to get that stick-straight look, I've decided to finally go natural. The only problem with my hair is that it doesn't have a definite wave to it and it poofs like crazy! my goal is to acheive very little volume, specifically on the...
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    IMATS-International Makeup Trade show

  7. makeupNdesign

    Naughty Nauticals Unveiling Party Photos

    This took place this past Sunday, 4/27. Just thought I'd share some photos I took--I'm the short gal with the ponytail and the other 2 gals are my sister and good friend. Enjoy! e3nwM e3nwM...
  8. makeupNdesign

    Dramatic Copper and Silver Tutorial

    Hello gorgeous gals! I wanted to create a dramatic silver & copper look. Enjoy and thanks for watching YouTube - Dramatic Metallic Copper and Silver Eyes
  9. makeupNdesign

    Retro Photo Shoot-Vintage Victory Rolls

    Hi gorgeous gals! Just thought I'd post a video clip of a 40s-style photoshoot I did with my sister and closest friends. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts YouTube - Retro Photo Shoot
  10. makeupNdesign

    First FOTD: Fafi Quad 1 look

    Hi all! This is my first FOTD on this website, so please be kind, lol. ~Emily~ Products Face: MAC Oil-Free lotion MAC StudioFix Fluid in NC 35 MAC Stylistics Mystery Powder Lighthearted MAC Fafi Hipness Blush MAC Contour Powder in Definitive Eyes: MAC Painterly Paint Pot MAC...
  11. makeupNdesign

    Greetings lovelies!

    Hi! I must say I wished I signed up with Spektra a long time ago as this website and all of you have been a wealth of cosmetic info Anyhow, to make this short & sweet, I am a crazy MAC addict and am happy to know that I am no longer alone in my addiction. GO TEAM! ~Em~