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  1. nunu

    Your Top 5 Favourite Youtube Beauty Gurus

    Hi Everyone, So I thought I'd start a thread where everyone posts who their 5 favourite beauty gurus are. I am always looking for new people to watch on youtube, so I think this will be a great way to find out who you like to watch. Rule: If you do make up videos on youtube then you can't...
  2. nunu

    Soap & Glory Discussion

    I stumbled upon this brand in one of the blogs a few weeks ago. It looks interesting, has anyone tried any of their products? What are your thoughts? Thanks
  3. nunu

    FAST Shampoo and Hair Conditioner

    Anyone tried these products?? Does it actually work? I've been trying to grow my hair out for years now but it's growing incredibly slow. FAST Shampoo And Conditioner Thank you.
  4. nunu

    Cream Team, Hello Kitty and Grand Duo's

    Cream Team: Top to bottom; Creme Anglaise, Petite Indulgence, Melt in Your mouth and Partial to Pink. Hello Kitty: Something about pink Nail Laquer, Strayin' Lipstick, Mimmy, Nice kitty and Sweet strawberry lipglasses, Pretty Baby BP, Fun & games and Tippy BPB and Pink fish TLC Small...
  5. nunu

    Nothing special.

    Face: Studio tech foundation, select moisture cover concealer, pressed blot powder Sunbasque blush NARS albatross. Eyes: UD PP Amber lights, bronze and ricepaper es. Black track fluidline, Feline kohl power and diorshow mascara. Lips: Concealer topped with Pink Manish lipglass. Hope you...
  6. nunu

    The full works..

    FACE: Studio tech foundation nc43 Studio finish councealer nw35 Moisture cover up nc43 Lightsweep/shadester (contouring and highlightng) Gleeful (washed out in the pictures) Lightflush msf and Benefit's moon beam (highlight) EYES: UD PP Rubenseaque paint pot Antiqued es (all over the lid) Cork...
  7. nunu

    Kim Raver eye inspired look

    I recently started watching Lipstick Junge (so sad it's getting axed ), I love Kim Raver's make up! especially her eyes and i also love Lindsay Price's mae up on the show (she always looks amazing) love their make up artist!! Face: studio finish concealer, select moisture cover concealer...
  8. nunu

    Lipstick Jungle is getting axed along with others

    When Will Canceled TV Shows Leave the Air? - Yahoo! TV Blog I can' beleive they are already cancelling the show! I just started watching it and i love it!! Especially the make up of Kim Raver and Lindsey Price! Dirty sexy money and pushing daises are amongst those that are getting axed. I...
  9. nunu

    Pinks :)

    Another one for you guys! Face: Studio tech foundation, blot pressed powder, sunbasque blush and NARS albatross. Eyes: UD PP, Threesome MES, Sketch and Ricepaper eyeshadow. Blacktrack fluidline, Feline kohl power and Diorshow mascara. Lips: Wonderstruck lusterglass. Hope you like it, CC...
  10. nunu

    Purple eyes

    Heya! it's been a while! Face: Studio tech, blot pressed powder, Stark naked blush and petticoat msf. Eyes: UD PP, Parafit amour (lid), outspoken mes trio, nocturnelle,(crease) sketch, carbon (outer v) and motif (highlight) eyeshadows, black track fluidline, feline kohl power and dior show...
  11. nunu


    Hi guys, i need some help. One of my friends recently graduated from Law school and is currently doing her LPC (legal practise course) which she is finding very stressfull and challenging. The classes are small, there tends to be 20 people in each class. Unfortunately, yesterday at one of the...
  12. nunu

    Kerry Katona on This Morning

    Hi! I know that this interview caused a lot of talk in the UK, what do you guys think is going on? I feel really sorry for her because i used to be a fan of Atomic Kitten. She feels that she's been stitched up by itv. I was gobsmacked when i heared...
  13. nunu

    How to maintain your weight without losing any more weight?

    or gaining any more? So after you've lost the extra weight, how do you maintain staying at that that desired shape? I am going through a diet of eating healty food and exercising every day (burn 200 calories per day). The exercise plan that i am doing now is: jog on the treadmill for 20...
  14. nunu

    Latest MAC haul..

    MAC make up remover wipes (small) Another 239 brush Hush CCB Pearl glide liners: Rave, Miss Fortune, Black Russian and Fly By Blu CoC Rich and Ripe lipglass Thanks for looking
  15. nunu

    Middle Eastern/Arabian Beauties

    I thought i'd start a thread on Middle Eastern Women, i got this idea from the bollywood beauties thread. I love Elissa's make up i love arabic make up but i can never do it, i always fail at attemting it. Does anyone have any...
  16. nunu

    My Cult of Cherry Haul

    Hello, This is what i got from my counter today: Lightly ripe lipstick Jampacked lipglass Cult of Cherry Lipglass Spiced Chocolate Quad Plum Du Bois powder blush I also ordered Devil blush online and Lightly Ripe lipglass as we didn't get shipment of it in the counter
  17. nunu

    For my Bimbos <3

    Hello! It's been a while. It took me a long time to come up with this look, i hope you like it and that CC is welcome FACE: Studio tech nc43, Blot powder pressed Dark, merrily , shimmer side from MSFN in medium dark. EYES: UD PP, uppity fluidline, pure ore metal x (lid), goldmine (ontop of...
  18. nunu

    My European Haulage, pic heavy.

    Hello Everyone! It's been a while! I went on holliday to Europe (Paris and Spain) and with all the lovely summer collections that MAC's been launching i couldn't help myself and i had to go and splurge. I now feel some of the european specktrites here as MAC is really expensive over there...
  19. nunu

    Recommendations for Nicole Scherzinger's look

    What is she wearing on her eyes, cheeks and lips?? tia!
  20. nunu

    Birthday FOTD!!

    Hello It was my bday today (june 12), i turned 22.... I had a great day which was completed by stopping by the MAC counter in Harvey Nichols and i bumped into my fave make up artist! I was soo happy to see her. Big shout out to Birmingham Harvey Nix MA's they are the sweetest! Enough...