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  1. Sanayhs

    Bada quad?

    I've heard that in Fall 2004 there was a small collection, working name "Bada", that included the quad. Included in this quad were supposedly: VAPOUR - A soft peachy-pink duochrome flecked with violet shimmer (V) ROSE - Pink/orange duochrome with frost (F) BEAUTY MARKED - A deep blackened red...
  2. Sanayhs

    Blocked Pores

    Ok, so. The pores in my nose have been blocked for so long I don't remember what they look like clear. They are totally blocked so that I have the tiny outward bump where each pore should be. I mean, on the bright side, it means my foundation can't possibly sink in to them, but it pisses me...
  3. Sanayhs

    Goodies! :D

    So, between BBR yesterday and the mail today... I have a few new things to play with... The quads aren't new, they're just holding my new shadows while I update my inventory. They'll go into my big palettes This haul includes: -Fuchsia pigment -Reflects Transparent teal glitter -Mega-Rich...
  4. Sanayhs

    Product shade lists

    I've seen a few threads lately asking for, "Can you tell me all the shades that exist of x?" So, here are a few lists I have listing all the shades I know of for certain products. More lists following in additional posts, so the overall page doesn't get quite as stupidly long. If you know of a...
  5. Sanayhs

    Presenting: Addiction (picture heavy)

    Following are pictures of mostly MAC, but also a bunch of my other stuff. I don't think much drug store stuff crept in... because there's also a small ton of that. The addiction bug bit me at the end of February 2008, though a had a small collection prior. The last month or two I've slowed down...
  6. Sanayhs

    New pretties?

    Ok, so, on another site there are MAC looks and breakdowns from fashion week. Within the part listing what was used, there are mentions of blonde msf, redhead msf and Fun and Games beauty powder blush. Thoughts on the sounds of these, anyone?
  7. Sanayhs

    Anxiety (lengthy post)

    I have been dealing with anxiety and depression problems for most of my life, but they really hit around puberty (age eleven). They have only gotten continually worse year by year since then (I'm twenty-one now). Around the time I turned nineteen, I started having panic attacks upon occasion...
  8. Sanayhs

    Packing/Moving tips and stories?

    So, I have to move in the very near future. Hopefully, if I get the place I want, around June 15. At the latest, I'll be moving for July 1. I'm moving to a smaller place (1-2 bedroom apartment or condo rather than a 4/5 bedroom house which has largely been furnished by yours truly) and have a...
  9. Sanayhs

    Starting to panic...

    Hey there! On the Sanayhs-needs-a-home front, panic is settling in fairly quickly. My father wants me to find a place IMMEDIATELY, and if I don't find one by Friday I think that he's going to be signing me up for a place that is waaaaaay out of the way. There are one or two buses that go sort of...
  10. Sanayhs

    Neo Sci Fi... ORANGE PACKAGING! :D

    Lilicat (Lilith) loves to get into pictures with makeup! So far () I've picked up Sci-Fi-Delity, Pleasureseeker, Electro, Pink Grapefruit, Evening Aura, Spaced Out and Solar Riche from the Neo Sci Fi collection. There's also a Paradisco that snuck in there.
  11. Sanayhs

    Bimbos unite!

    Hey, the bimbo chatter could only go so far without getting its own thread, right? So, I figured, why not start one. Hurray bimbos!! So, if you're wondering about how the bimbo thing came about, here's the original story as posted in the dazzleglass discussion thread: My friend and I went to...
  12. Sanayhs

    April 11: First time posting a FOTD

    Ahem, hello there! I haven't posted a FOTD here before, so I thought I'd post what I wore to work today (which turned out to be cancelled without notice, but anyhow!). I'm not promising anything particularly exciting, but it makes me happy because orange is my favourite colour! Please ignore the...
  13. Sanayhs

    A fluidline lover's early Christmas!

    I woke up this morning, walked out of my bedroom and my roommate runs up to me: "Christmas has come early!" He then points to the couch. What should be awaiting me, you ask? SEVEN PACKAGES. Of course, I tear them open, leaving a bit of packaging carnage (which my kitten Lilith adored)...
  14. Sanayhs

    $50 makeover for the cosmetically inept

    I have a friend who is interested in picking up a few new makeup items. All she knows how to use is foundation, eyeshadow and mascara, all of which are currently covergirl (but she's nearly out). She applies her cream foundation with the little sponge that came with. *shudders* She needs to keep...
  15. Sanayhs

    My credit card is crying for resuscitation!

    Since the launch of Heatherette, I have had the following MAC make its way into my hands: black funk/pop blue dual edge eyeliner fab orchid/dash lily dual edge eyeliner nighthawk/front row dual edge eyeliner hollywood nights lipstick melrose mood lipstick lollipop loving lipstick not so...