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  1. Nick

    I need a brush for crease work...

    I have the 219, which is the best yet, but I'm looking for something to provide less defined color. The 224 is way too big for my eyes. 222, maybe? I'd go see for myself, except my counter doesn't carry it.
  2. Nick

    v for vendetta - the only verdict is vengeance

    I absolutely loved V for Vendetta. What did you think?
  3. Nick

    I think I want even shorter hair... Yeah, there are pictures.

    Me about a week ago, and badly in need of at least a trim: A few months ago with hair similar to what I want now: The thing is, I want to go back to my natural hair color (medium brown), but I'm worried it would look manly with such short hair. Any thoughts?
  4. Nick

    OK, so I'm not new at all; my user name is.

    You know me, I'm the blue haired girl. See? Hi, again.