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  1. Curly1908

    Nude Eyeliners for WOC

    What's your fav?
  2. Curly1908

    MAC Mehr l/s vs. MAC Creme in Your Coffee l/s

    How do these two compare? Can anyone do a side-by-side swatch? Gracias!
  3. Curly1908

    WOC: Chanel

    What are your favorite, must-have items from Chanel? Please include your foundation shade too. :)
  4. Curly1908

    Viola Davis

    Any info about her makeup looks or what products are used on her? I love this one: or
  5. Curly1908

    Eyebrow Powders for WOC

    Hey, ladies! What brow powders do you use? What shades do you use? Do you use wax? I've decided that I want to start filling in my eyebrows a bit with powder, and I wanted to hear the group's opinion! (I find pencils to be too artificial looking for my personal tastes.) I'm also not...
  6. Curly1908

    WOC: Bloggers' Collection

    I have never backed up ANYTHING besides foundation, and I'm tempted to buy 2 of Temptalia's eyeshadow shade. I won't do it though because I know it's going to sell out...but I am soooo tempted. What's on your list so far? Here's mine: -Jealousy Wakes (Temptalia's seething...
  7. Curly1908

    What color lippie is Oprah wearing?

  8. Curly1908

    WOC: Bronze Everyday

    I'm excited about the Give Me Sun! MSFN. If it's a true PEACH that's not ashy on my skin, I'm all over it!
  9. Curly1908

    WOC: Quite Cute

    What's on your list? Playing Koi - Creamy white peach pink (Satin) Quite Cute - Bright whitened lavender (Cremesheen)
  10. Curly1908

    Essie "French Affair" Spring 2011 Collection

    This collection is supposed to be released during February but folks have found it in Walmart now. I found some photos! (I could not find swatches of French Affair [soft lavender pink], Kisses & Bises [pearl with pink duochrome?], Topless & Barefoot [light peach], and Sand Tropez [soft...
  11. Curly1908

    WOC: Urban Decay Baked Bronzer

    Have you tried this product? What do you think suits brown skin best -- Baked, Gilded, or Toasted? How does it compare to MSFs? :)
  12. Curly1908

    Perfume with Honeysuckle Note Wanted

    Hi! :) For nostalgic reasons, I want to smell like honeysuckle so I was wondering if you guys could give me recommendations for sophisticated perfumes that have a top note of honeysuckle. Thanks!
  13. Curly1908

    Wet n' Wild "Prancer"

    Do any of you ladies own this shade? I am lemming it something terrible and have not been able to find it despite looking at several stores that carry Wet n' Wild products. If you own it, where did you find it and when?
  14. Curly1908

    Favorite Vamp Nail Polish Shades

    I've been in love with vamps since my mom let me purchase a shade called "Sangria" in middle school. I've decided to get back into them. What're ur fav vamp shades?
  15. Curly1908

    WOC: Favorite Matte Lipsticks

    The title says it all. Name 'em!
  16. Curly1908

    Please participate in this poll!!!!

    Hiya! Please vote for which of the following red lipsticks you would recommend for NW50. I am trying to narrow down my list before I go to MAC and swatch. I have to recreate a 1930s/1940s true red lipstick look. Thanks.
  17. Curly1908

    WOC: Fabulous Felines

    Like I always ask, what're ya interested in? The following interests me so far: From "Palace Pedigreed" -Docile l/g -- mid-tone lavender w/ pearl piggies From "Leopard Luxe" -Drive Me Wild l/s -- midtone warm coral w/ gold pearl piggies From "Burmese Beauty" -Spree l/g -- pink champagne...
  18. Curly1908

    WOC: Jin Soon Choi for MAC

    I'd like "Earthly Harmony" from the description.
  19. Curly1908

    WOC: MAC "Rodarte"

    From the descriptions, I would like: -Rodarte l/g -del Norte l/g -Juarez n/l -Factory n/l