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  1. PeachTwist

    Product Order Recommendation

    Hi guys! I've yet another question. I recently purchased MAC's Oil Control Lotion and Strobe Liquid (I was told it was better for combo/oily over the cream) and I'd like to use them together, which I'm sure sounds weird. I want to control my oil, but I'd like to still get the...
  2. PeachTwist

    NARS Blushes

    Hi guys! I have a few of the NARS blushes on my wish list. They're all permanent but I was wondering if you know of any MAC dupes so I can see if I have something similar in my collection already, or if you can tell me if a shade is worth the purchase? Dolce Vita Oasis Sin Amour...
  3. PeachTwist

    Health issues.

    Basically, I just need to rant. I'm 23. It's 2014 and in December 2012 I had to drop out of college due to health issues. I'm still going through a lot of testing but my Dr is 99% positive I have Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E. for short, CFS in other countries even though they're...
  4. PeachTwist

    True Peach Blushes and Lipsticks

    Hi guys! I'm wondering if anyone can recommend some really true peach blushes/lipsticks. I remember Erine told me that Melba blush and Razzledazzler lipstick by MAC are a true peach and they're one of the only ones I have but I'd like to add more so to speak to vary it up. It...
  5. PeachTwist

    MAC Face & Body Foundation

    Hi guys! Does anyone know what shade an NC15 would need in MAC F&B Foundation? Everywhere I've looked I can't seem to find a definitive answer! Thanks :)
  6. PeachTwist

    Make-up Inventory

    Hi everyone! So I've recently started compiling a make-up inventory for the stuff I have. I have a small collection compared to a lot of the ladies here but I've still found myself sometimes losing track of what I have (I nearly bought Freshwater e/s twice). I also figured not...
  7. PeachTwist

    New makeup storage! :)

    Hi everyone! I've never posted my storage in here before. Mainly because I out-grew my old vanity (it was my Mom's from the 70's) and as gorgeous as it was - I needed something bigger. I've put the old vanity into storage though so I'll always have it. :) Anyway, here are...
  8. PeachTwist

    Best Setting Spray for Combo/Oily Skin?

    Hey everyone, I'm looking at getting a setting spray. I have combination/oily skin. My T-Zone and eyelids are unbelievably oily and I'm trying to find the best one to get. I'm trying to decide between the UD De-Slick, Skindinavia Matte and Model in a Bottle. I know that...
  9. PeachTwist

    Dupe for MAC Neutral Zone Lipglass Pencil?

    Hey everyone, I was watching an xsparkage tutorial (Gem from Tron Legacy I believe) and she used a lipglass pencil called Neutral Zone - after doing a little research I've discovered it was from the In 3D collection back in 2007 so I obviously have absolutely no chance of getting my...
  10. PeachTwist

    Biggest Haul of my Life?

    Hi Ladies and Gents! I don't currently have pics of my haul at the moment as I'm waiting for everything to arrive... but once it does I shall post! Non-beauty Haul: New Bed MALM Dressing Table ALEX 9 Drawers T-shirts Sweater Shoes Beauty...
  11. PeachTwist

    IMATS London 2012

    Hey everyone, So I've just been having a mini-conversation on Twitter with some fellow Specktrettes and beauty bloggers and decided to make a post about it. IMATS London 2012 is going to be Feb. 4th & 5th. Are you going? Have you been to IMATS before? Do you have any...
  12. PeachTwist

    Nars Belle De Jour Lipstick Dupe?

    Hi ladies! I'm just curious if any of you know of a dupe for the Nars Belle De Jour lipstick? I remember my Mom mentioning it over a year ago how pretty it was but I was thinking for the price it's just too sheer looking. I'm just curious if there is a MAC dupe for it, or any other...
  13. PeachTwist

    MAC Eyeliners

    Hey everyone, I'm sure this sounds like a silly question, but being newer to MAC than most I just wanted to clarify something.. Upon looking on the MAC website, I see in the Eyeliner section that they have "Technakohl Liner", "Powerpoint Eye Pencil", "Eye Pencil" and finally...
  14. PeachTwist

    Pics added! My MAC haul -- and other little bits and pieces!

    Hey everyone, So I don't usually do hauls, or make hauls, or anything. However last week I splurged. I'm a MAC newbie as I once stated - and still a MAC newbie! However I did some big hauling, in my opinion. Eyeshadows: Humid Goldmine Cranberry...
  15. PeachTwist

    Weight loss

    Okay girls, My turn! Lol. Back when I was 16 (I'm now nearly 20) I was a size 12UK (size 8US). I was happy, healthy and confident. I will be again. I weighed myself 3 weeks ago and I was 224lbs. I weighed myself today - I am 217lbs. That's 7lbs in 2 weeks. I say 2 weeks because I didn't...
  16. PeachTwist

    MAC Eyeshadow Suggestion for a Newbie.

    Hiii girls! So I've just really started getting into MAC. Like *really* into it, lol. Anyway, I got a new phone a couple weeks ago so I have decided to sell my old one on ebay. Looking around at the prices they're going for - I'm sure to get around £250 or so. £70 of that is claimed, which...
  17. PeachTwist

    Twig Lipstick discontinued

    So I had a return to make to MAC and I was able to exchange it for 2 eye shadows and a lipstick. I chose Twig. I got an e-mail telling me that Twig lipstick has been discontinued! I wish they'd update their site more often - I hate this.
  18. PeachTwist

    Another small haul!

    I'm clearly on a small haul spree at the moment, lol. Ulta NYX For Your Eyes Only - Smokey Eye Palette - I got this before I left the US. Debenhams Urban Decay BOS 3 - UD <3's NYC - my first UD palette with colours! MAC - perm line Prep & Prime Skin Refined Zone - the minimizing pores one...
  19. PeachTwist

    Small haul, but a haul nonetheless!

    Ok, so. I very rarely buy new things as I'm dirt poor and can't buy often lol, but I have an amazing boyfriend who bought some stuff for me and a little saved so I could get just a couple other things, but I'm so happy I just have to share. Sugarpill Burning Heart Quad Sweet Heart Quad...
  20. PeachTwist

    MAC at IAD?

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, please feel free to move it if it is I'm here in the US on vacation and I'm leaving Aug 30th and flying out of IAD (Washington Dulles International Airport) and was wondering if there is a MAC duty free there? I'm trying to look online but I can't seem to...