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  1. Stephy171

    Just a little glitter!

    Hey guys I haven't been on here in a while and I want to get back into the grove! What a better way to start than with a quick glitter look!! I only have a few pictures that aren't the best quality from my phone so bear with me!!! Let me know what you guys think of it
  2. Stephy171

    the walking dead just got SEXYYY

    hey guys i havent posten anything in a while but i thought i would share my halloween look last night. i was a crazy zombie n i must say it was a hit!!
  3. Stephy171

    IMATS..... few questions???

    Hey ladies i dont know if this is the right place for this but if its not admins will take care of it. So i have a few questions about IMATS and i didnt find anything on here. I know its a makeup show and whatnot and its like 2 a year or something but i was wondering if anyone can go or is it...
  4. Stephy171

    Everyone loves a little drama =} ...... 1st attempt @ a cut crease!!

    Sooo, i was extremply bored last night and decided to play with the new wet & wild icon palletes i bought & let me tell you i LOVEEE these things... I did this like @ 1am lol and i am wearing NO BASE can u believe that?!?!?hope u guys like it was my first time doing something like this its a bit...
  5. Stephy171

    Something green & smokey lol

    Hey ladies here is just a little something let me know what you think! what i used: TFSI NYX jumbo pencil in Horse raddish UD eye shadow in acid rain----LID MAC pigment in night light ----CREASE UD zero---OUTER ORNER Rabndon color in the inner corner lol MAC carbon--- Deepin outer corner...
  6. Stephy171

    Messy Hair..... Dont care lol

    SOOOO i havent been on in a while and have not posted pixx in forever but im back and im gladd i forgot how much i love specktra... So in this look i used the maybaline quad is charcoal smokes & mac suede as my blending color... pervesion e/l by UD kkk so let me know what you think... dont...
  7. Stephy171

    Mint Julep masque

    Hey guys my friend recommend this ^^ mask to me its the queen helene mint julep masque..... has anyone tried this? shall we say yay or nay??!?!?! lol
  8. Stephy171

    **im So Excitedd**

    i dont know if this is in the right place.. if it isnt admins will take care of it!! K so imso freakin excited i have been planning a road trip to an Ulta store.. there are none close to me and as we were driving home staurday from my friends 21... i saw one being built literally 5 mins...
  9. Stephy171

    Small Sephora Haul :) 1st haul post ;)

    Hmmmm so i just got home from the mall and i was really bad lol thanks god i didnt stop by MAC but sephora really broke my bank... even though i only went in for one thingg.... i needed a new face wash so i decided to try out Philosophy i heard it was amazingg... so i got there and there was a...
  10. Stephy171

    Burn Noticeee :)

    So is anyone as obsessed with this show as i am....... 2 words MICHAEL WESTONNN hmmm he's so freakin hunky i dont even think its his looks... he's such a bad ass ohh and fiona... i love love love this showw! {so i see threads for other good shows why not burn notice lol}
  11. Stephy171

    Pretty in Pinkkk..... ;)

    Hey guys i've been gone for a while but hey IM BACKKKK and what better way then to come back with a fun FOTD..... this is just another fun look i came up withh wore to it the mall got plenty compliments so i had to share with you all...... this is at the end of the day so it looked better lol...
  12. Stephy171

    RASTAAA MANNN..... pics galore!!

    Hey guys so i decided to share another of my crazy absolute funn looks to wear!! another bright one.... the famous Rastaa Girll.... I used the Beauties Factory 120 pallette for all the colors and of course UDPP as my base.... and the black liquid liner from Kat Von D's collectionn.... Hope...
  13. Stephy171

    My first FOTD ;) {pic heavyy}

    Ok Ladies so this is my first FOTD.... hehe i had some people ask me to post pics of my avatar look and this is it.... i hope you guys will comment and tell me what i need to fix and how i am doing.... lol Dont mind my crazy hair and bad eye brows.... i did all that after taking pixx lmao...
  14. Stephy171

    Feelin down..... need some advicce!!

    ok so thiss might be long and drawn out but i just want to get it of my chest! So my best-friend Kathy which i call my sister i've known her since i was 2 is basically my evrythingg love this girl seriously like yeahh you guys get it.. Well when i lived in NY a few years back she introduced me...
  15. Stephy171

    Need Some HELPP??

    lol ok so im pretty new to mac only have a few things!! I wanted to go home this weekend and pick up a few things!! Im an NC45 and i need some help picking out a good highlight! something for like everyday makeup i already have something shimmery so im looking for something matte.... so who...
  16. Stephy171

    hey hey heyyy

    hey guys!!!! im so excited i finally joined spektra i've heard so many good things! but yeahhhh im a newbie just tryning to learn my way!!!! My name is steph and like many of us i have a mac addiction lol.... urban decay and nars too!!!