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  1. Chupla

    Looking for a full coverage foundation or bb cream

    Im looking for a full coverage foundation i have combination skin but for the most part im not very oily at all. I also love bb creams so if there is a medium to full coverage one you could recommend i would be forever grateful. As for color it would have to come in really pale because im about...
  2. Chupla

    Michelle's Summer FOTD Challenge Contest

    i dont normally post on here go easy on me =) Eyes: Stila Smudge pot urban decay anniversary palette urban decay 24-7 zero dolly wink mascara urban decay naked 2 palette Face: skin 79 bb cream pink missha concealer #1 mac msf light plus mac lightscapade...
  3. Chupla

    Nars Empty blush cases

    I am in need of 2 empty nars blush cases of these if anyone has a couple let me know . I received a few depot-ed nars blushes so i would just like a case so i can keep track of them =). Thanks
  4. Chupla

    MAC Porcelain Pink MSF OR MAC Perfect topping MSF ????Help

    ima bit short on money and i can decide wich MSF to get any help or swatches would be appreciated.Im about a nw15 or 20 so im pretty fair skinned .
  5. Chupla

    Prices on these pigments ??

    so i have been buying a few pigments lately but some seem to be hard to come by .Can anyone tell me what a full jar or samples normally cost for these pigments ? Goldenaire Gold Dusk Blonde's Gold sunpepper Gold dust apricot pink dazzleray sweet sienna
  6. Chupla

    Help with storage for mac vial pigments

    any good ideas for storing these ?
  7. Chupla

    PLease Help

    Please watch this
  8. Chupla

    Are these 2 pigments fake ??

    Bought theses the other day from live journal just want to make sure there real something just seems off about them. Jardin aries Tan Pigment
  9. Chupla

    Mac mini viles of pigments

    dose anyone know how much pigment are in the little mini viles .?
  10. Chupla

    Help are these real ?

    Are these fake or real ?