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  1. Sanne

    Yurple :D

    face MACselect moidsturecover nw20 gosh x-ceptional wear foundation in golden bare minerals warmth as blusher cheapo powder to mattify eyes MAC shimmersand shadestick mac chrome yellow e/s ben nye e/s in royal purple MAC freshwater e/s mac pro lime e/s MAC beautyful iris e/s MAC seedy pearl...
  2. Sanne

    long time no see 2x FOTD

    hey everybody! this is my try of the night: face MACselect moidsturecover nw20 gosh x-ceptional wear foundation in golden bare minerals warmth as blusher MAC msf as highlighter cheapo powder to mattify eyes MAC shimmersand shadestick mac chrome yellow e/s with gorgeous gold e/s on top mac...
  3. Sanne

    BOLD blue and purple look

    Face: studio fix fluid nw20 moisture cover nw20 selct sheer pressed nc20 peacefull beautypowder new vegas MSF eyes: paint pot painterly as base ben nye e/s in royal purple in crease and on lower lashline brill on inner half eyelid and inner v tilt on outer half eyelid Vanilla e/s on browbone...
  4. Sanne

    smokey purple!

    this one's from a while back. face: guerlain fleur de teint foundation studiofinisch concealer nw20 buff blusher eyes paint pot painterly as base ben nye e/s in royal purple in crease and on lower lashline kitschmass pigment with mixing medium in the inner 2/3rd of eyelid brule e/s on...
  5. Sanne

    Aqualine FOTD

    so this is today's FOTD: I used: face: studio fix fluid mw20 select sheer/pressed nc20 YSL touche eclat nr2 buff blusher new vegas MSF eyes: aqualine liquidlast rimmel magnif'eyes mascara browshader: walnut/ivoire lips: bare thanks for looking!
  6. Sanne

    soft FOTD

    long time no see!!! this is what I used: face: studiofix fluid nw20 select sheer/pressed nc20 moisture cover nw20 buff blusher eyes: paintpot in painterly as base goldeaire pigment on lid kid e/s in crease brule e/s on browbone rimmel magnif'eyes mascara black eyebrows: browshader in...
  7. Sanne

    I'm getting married..and I'm in a mommy shitstorm!

    hey everyone!! I really need to vent: my longterm boyfriend has proposed to me, and we're getting married!!! I'm super exited, and everyone around us is so happy happy for us, it's just heartwarming. But I have a big problem; my mum "claimed" me for the weddinggown shopping, and even though I...
  8. Sanne

    Tord Boontje

    hej girls, look at this! I was looking for a wand decoration for our new house and while I was googling for our lamp (midsimmer light from Tord Boontje) I googled the name of the designer, and I found this: we're going to do the first one in the livingrioom, and the second one...
  9. Sanne

    I'm soo worried

    hey peeps, my grandma broke her hip yesterday and is in the hospital right now, it's so sad because grandpa died in februari, he got really sick when he delayed his hospitalization (sp?)back then because he wouldn't want to leave her alone. My grandmother has been showing signs of demention...
  10. Sanne

    Aquadisiac is back on!!!

    hey peeps! this is my long time no see FOTD, face SFF foundation powder spice and tenderling blusher lightscapade MSF lips VGVI l/g eyes bare canvas paint brule, aquadisiac, meadowland e/s l'oreal shocking volume mascara eyebrows: browshader in walnut/Ivoire eyebrowgel...
  11. Sanne

    Britney is back!

    I hope she's doing well, and she won't go back to her previous party habits.
  12. Sanne

    Let's go BOLD....twice!

    hey all!!! 2 FOTD's this time, both really bold but totally different! I used in both: face: studiofix fluid, powder studiofinish concealer eyes: bare canvas paint max factor masterpiece mascara MAX browshader walnut/ivoire in the blue FOTD: clear sky blue pigment electric eel dark...
  13. Sanne

    lashy FOTD

    hey peeps please don't mind my skin, I'm having a breakout :P anyway this is what I used: face: Studio Fix fluid blot powder peaceful beautypowder MFS lightscapade eyes: bare canvas paint brule e/s kid e/s espresso e/s white eyepencil on waterline cheapo fake lashes eyebrows...
  14. Sanne


    I saw it last night and OMG how I loved it! I was soo in love with the make-up too! I was afraid it was going to be a shitty film bacause of a lot of the bad reviews, but I had a few goosebumps moments! go watch it!
  15. Sanne

    Dirty wedding Dance

    this film is hot on youtube and sooo cute: check it out here: AWWW!!!!
  16. Sanne


    I've been reading people using the abbrevation MIA, burt I have no idea what it mean, and I can't find the meaning of it anywhere!!! what does it mean??
  17. Sanne

    I feel like spring!

    hey peeps!! I want to have spring again, winter is soo 2006! anyway this is what I used: face: studio fix fluid light MSF beautypowder from Raquelle(the darkest, forgot the name) eyes: bare canvas paint, brule e/s metamorph e/s greensmoke e/s red violet e/s nocturnelle e/s phloof! e/s...
  18. Sanne

    cosmetologist lessons

    Hi everyone!! I’m doing a cosmetologist course, and I want to benefit you all with the information I got there and the things I’ve learned. In my first lesson I got some practical tips, some more obvious than others, that will help you become a better make-up artist: Always wash you hands...
  19. Sanne

    rejected from MAC... again

    I applied to MAC last week, and I wrote them that I started my cosmeotologist-education this week. I was really excited for applying, esp[ecially since I applied before, and I had no eduaction (besides specktra ) whatsoever, no portfolio, so they where kind to let me come by for an interview...
  20. Sanne

    Peacockin' Fabulous

    hey specktra loving hotties!!! the diva in me broke out and is out of control!!!! this is what I used for my look: face: guerlain fleur de teint studio finish nw20 glissade MSF light MSF eyes: bare canvas paint clear sky blue pigment azreal blue pigment blue pigment blue storm pigment...