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  1. Luxurious

    list of discontinued lipsticks

    do you know where a list of discontinued lipsticks is?
  2. Luxurious

    ***Still waiting***'s a fotd of me. One day, long time ago, there was so much wind outside we had no school and i waited on the computer b/c i didn't really know whether we have school. I was ready to go...but then the school was closed a friend said to me and well...i made a few pic's of my MU. i dont...
  3. Luxurious


    i wondered how this MSF looks on skin. i really have no idea. it's matte, but with all the colors. how do they look mixed on skin and as a blush, is it a very pale and white or how? maybe you can answer me
  4. Luxurious


    Post your swatches here, please
  5. Luxurious

    films for a dvd nite

    today my friends and i make a dvd nite and i must choose 3 to 4 dvds for friday evening. they all live in ittle villages and i live in the town. we're searching funny films and thriller, horror film. so which are your fav films/movies (for a dvd-nite). please help me. i dont know which to choose
  6. Luxurious

    mac brush cleanser

    hi. what do you thing about the brush cleanser? should i buy one, because the mua recommend the cleanser. which experience do you have?tell me everything
  7. Luxurious

    Questions: Moxie l/s and mac product ingredients

    hi. i have two questions. 1. what's the link for mac product ingredients? I need the TLC stick ingredients... 2.what's with moxie. was is LE(which collection?) or what? can s.o. post a pic. and i heard that the lipstick form changed. how did the lipstick look in the past. ok that's more than...
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    i got my package today. i took a order and now i have: Cellopink lipgelée sun under TLC stick Lovelorn lipstick fleckletone lipstick Prep+prime skin
  9. Luxurious

    haul 7/1/06

    here's my haul from saturday... First i was at/in lush. not soo much, but there was no body powder and no mask with 100ml. so i got the sample. Too bad that elixir(?) melt a bit and you can't read the word on it...i also got romance in a stone and rehab shampoo(my HG shampoo) then at H&M<3...
  10. Luxurious

    pigment color

    do you know which color it is?
  11. Luxurious

    page by!

    i think that sonrisa has a page. in this page(internet) you can see very much mac make-up. the shades and everything. i think that in url is something with sonrisa. hope you know what i is the url/page called. please help me.
  12. Luxurious

    Refined Matte Suntan

    hi, please tell me a bit about it. I'm nc25. Is it a good shade for me? When you got this color, which nc or nw are you? Please make a post
  13. Luxurious


    Hi, i want to know what's you fav color. And which color do you like most from the new TLC sticks. My fav color (ever) is tempting tillie(?), i think. You can choose a LE or regular color. I think summerfete is very popular but i dont have it
  14. Luxurious

    MAC lashes

    hi, which fake lashes do you like most? Which are a must-have? I want full, long but natural lashes. Which do you recommend? Please make a post
  15. Luxurious

    1st live chat...

    which color should i buy. i want buy studio fix and i used studio tech in nc27 in summer Annmarie: the fluid Jennifer: Hi Ann Marie. Annmarie: hi Jennifer: I would say to try the Studio Fix Fluid in NC25 for a good match for you. Jennifer: Click here for the MAC Foundation page. Annmarie: ok...
  16. Luxurious

    boy beauty the model a girl or a boy? I just wonder and i really dont know...Is the collection made for boys? I dont know which boy would use fuchsia or violet, I mean boys which dont wanna be a MUA i know I sound weird
  17. Luxurious


    Hi, please tell me your experience about ren...What do you recommend. Usually I have combo skin but sometimes also dry skin(also in T-Zone). Should I try the line for combo skin or drys it out a little bit? thanks for answer
  18. Luxurious

    make-up on my silly sis

    Hi, that's my second fotd i post. One evening my sis was a little bit sad and so i decided to make her make-up just for fun. She's 11 and i like to do mu's on her. can see the mu on my silly sis sorry for so many pics and what i used:
  19. Luxurious


    hi. Do you like the new lipgelée? please tell a bit about them and what's the different between the normal lipgelée and the new one. I think they arent LE, but I dont exactly know. do you know? have you a few pics of them on lips? thanks for answer
  20. Luxurious

    studio fix fluid

    I'm NC27-25(studio Tech) and whats the best color for me when I buy studio fix fluid. I heard that the colors are different so I just wonder... and my next question is: I heard that many girls use SFF with 187 brush. But how? do you make something of the foundation on the brush or a bit on the...