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  1. iheartcolor

    MAC Technakohl liners - what happened?

    I went to the (USA) MAC site today and discovered that they only carry Technakohl in black :( When did all of the other colors go away? I am so sad!
  2. iheartcolor

    MAC Boom Boom Bloom Collection (March 2019)

    Looking forward to more swatches!!
  3. iheartcolor

    Liner for "Flamingo" l/s?

    I am having a hard time finding a liner for this beautiful color. I was hoping for something that matched fairly well, as I really love the color of Flamingo, but i do want a little more definition. I'm fairly pale (no foundation reference as I do not wear any) with medium brown hair and hazel...
  4. iheartcolor

    help with eyebrow color

    hi all! i have a problem that i can't seem to find a good solution for: my hair is very dark brown and i can't seem to find an eyebrow powder/pencil that doesn't have too much red base to it. it seems to me that in many photos they come off with a pretty strong red tint that my hair definitely...
  5. iheartcolor

    Summer Trend 2008 - Patent bags

    If this is in a inappropriate place - I apologize! I wasn't sure where to post my question! Does anyone have any of these bags yet? I went to my local Macy's and they were already closed (I swore they stayed open later!). I would like to know opinions on these...the colors just scream "Me!"...
  6. iheartcolor

    How to locate a good spa?

    I am relatively new to the Sacramento/Davis CA area. I would really like to get a facial (mainly an extraction!!!) but I don't know where to start looking to find a reputable, quality spa. Any guidelines or pointers are greatly appreciated! Thank you! -Lauren
  7. iheartcolor

    Mini-haul from a CCO

    It is a small haul, but I am SO happy! I found Apex 3-D l/g and the best part: Wildfire and Rainy Day nail polishes! Wheeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Just had to share! -Lauren
  8. iheartcolor

    Pon Pon Gebera Lip Glaze

    Does anyone own this? I see it described as have multicolored pearls for a kaleidoscope (spelling?) effect. Is it really as cool as it sounds? Swatch? Thanks! -Lauren
  9. iheartcolor

    Stila Warehouse Sale!

    I live about 7 hours away, and with the cost of gas now I just can't justify it. But a girl can dream......... Are any Speckta-ites going? -Lauren
  10. iheartcolor

    Depotting stila shadows?

    Has anyone successfully depotted a stila eyeshadow from it's paper case? I have some shadows (older ones) that you could purchase where they came in the paper case. I want them out! Thanks! -Lauren
  11. iheartcolor


    All my life I have had terrible fingernails. They are SUPER-soft - they bend so easily it actually grosses people out. If I wear nail polish, they actually get softer, which I despise. I love nail polish! They also tear easily. My toes nails are perfect - strong, hard and never any...
  12. iheartcolor

    Congratulations sweetmelissa!

    On being the stila girl of the week! Hooray for you! -Lauren
  13. iheartcolor

    stila at Target?

    Someone on another message board I belong to told me they saw stila at their local Target. I questioned her a bit and haven't heard back on an exact location, but I know it is in North Carolina. She knows stila's website and says she "distinctly remembers the logo" while she was at Target. Can...
  14. iheartcolor

    What does "sample" mean on a lipstick tube?

    I purchased a tube of lipstick off eBay (reputable seller) and on the box and on the tube sticker is has the name of the color and then it says "Sample". What does this mean? Was it like a promo item? Thanks! Lauren
  15. iheartcolor

    Stila line closing??

    I have seen the rumors on "the net" it true?? Is Stila going to cease to exist?? I would just *die*! Please tell me it is false information!!