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  1. driz69

    Seasonal job at SEPHORA inside JCP

    Hi I was offered aa seasonal position in a SEPHORA inside JC Penny and was wondering what others have experienced in this type of temporary role and what to expect. Thanks
  2. driz69

    Whats on your xmas wishlist?

    What are you hoping is under the tree this year?
  3. driz69

    Reflects antique gold anyone?

    OMG i received a sample of this fantastic glitter and i was pleasantly happy with it. I didnt realize reflects glitters were this great and easy to apply. Eyes brownscript (crease), knight divine (lid) and reflects antiwue gold glitter (lid), electra (tearduct) Cheeks Eversun Lips...
  4. driz69

    sweet sienna has it

    So I'm trying to post this listing through my phone and it doesn't give me the option to attach pics. So to see the look. Check out my blog
  5. driz69

    Too nice of a day for neutrals

    Eyes Lids Primary yellow pigment Green space pigment hi def cyan pigment vanilla e/s face revlon photoready ?lips nude random gloss
  6. driz69

    You can find me in the club...

    2 looks from the past couple days. Club lid rule crease plumage outer goldmine tearduct eversun blush nude cover girl lipstick golden lemon pigment lid chocolate brown pigment crease shadowy lady outer shimmer highlight nude cover girl lippie
  7. driz69

    Hopping like a Kanga Rogue

    I was playing with my new lippie and did a quick eye (hence no liner or mascara). Here it is, not sure if the red is too bright for me, but i kinda like it. Quick eye Vanilla e/s azreal blue pigment chocolate brown pigment
  8. driz69

    My b-day from yesterday pics and outfit. Lots of pics

    Here is what i wore. Cute dress sexy heels. I had a good time went to dinner without the kids and then had some drinks at a lounge. lmao Eyes Juiced on lid Earthly in outer lid Deep truth on lower lash line hip cream liner ardell lashes Face Maybelline age rewind foundation Devil Blush Gold...
  9. driz69

    2 FOTD over the weekend

    Thought i would take pics and post. thanks Eyes - Saturdays look Shroom Amber light Humid HIP teal liner Eyes - Todays look golden lemon pigment electric coral pigment HIP liner in black smolder pencil
  10. driz69

    bitter is as bitter does

    This was the only good pic i had sorry about the close up of my skin Bitter on lid fig 1 in crease with shadowy lady fuschia pigment on bottom lasline
  11. driz69

    Just out and about FOTD

    Just out running some errands. Sorry for only pic should of did a close up. EYES Quiver pigment Shadowy lady Vanilla Teal pencil Hip black liner Blush Sweet as cocoa dollymix Lips plain sheer gloss No foundation
  12. driz69

    Orange you glad to see me. LOL

    Cheesy title yes i know. eyes mac passionate orange chrome yellow quick frost pigment elf black liner lips revlon goldbits l/s
  13. driz69

    Playful in Pink

    I forgot i even had this shadow. So i did a look that night for dinner. Eyes Barbie Playful Shroom Vanilla Basic blk liner Lips Pink poodle lipglass
  14. driz69

    Newly minted Real or Fake Help

    I recieved this in a MUA swap wanted to know if it is real or not. It is from a new swapper. When i first saw it i thought this looks nothing like newly minted. I see that it says that is made in italy and not canada like my other shadows. It also say Matte2 on the front of the box as opposed to...
  15. driz69

    a Georgia peach saying Hey

    Hey yah'll glad to have found this site. I have become overly obsessed lately and am glad to find fellow members to gang up with on this site. Looking forward to great talk and hot looks. Anyone in West ga?