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  1. Turbokittykat

    Hi, I'm back. It's been ages!

    Thank you!
  2. Turbokittykat

    Alternative to Viva Glam V?

    I am so bummed that MAC discontinued Viva Glam V. What's the nearest colour currently available, please? How close is it? It doesn't even need to be MAC, as long as it's a brand available in the UK (and doesn't require a mortgage to buy one lipstick!). VGV was so perfect for me 😭
  3. Turbokittykat

    Hi, I'm back. It's been ages!

    Thank you! I hope I don't end up re-addicted though.
  4. Turbokittykat

    What's your Biggest MAC Regret?

    Collecting so much and then just stopping wearing makeup. Such a waste.
  5. Turbokittykat

    Are your old MAC lipsticks still safe to use?

    I'm about to throw out a lot of lipsticks (and lipglasses) which are about 20 years old, many absolutely unusued. I have over 200, (I used to be a badly addicted collector), and a big proportion are no good. They've all gone crayon-y smelling. I stopped buying and using makeup for a long time...
  6. Turbokittykat

    Hi, I'm back. It's been ages!

    Hi all! I'm not exactly new but I've not been on the site for a looong time. I don't know if anyone remembers me. Life stuff happened. Housing problems, a major, sudden, unexpected bereavement, health issues...stuff. Life, eh? I broke my MAC and makeup addiction - largely due to being to...
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    What does a BNIB Pleasureflush sell for at the moment, realistically? I'm in the UK if that makes a difference. Also, what's demand like for older pigments, from before the jars were made smaller?
  8. Turbokittykat

    Anyone familiar with MAC from 2005 and earlier? I need to know what's sought after still.

    Anyone familiar with MAC from 2005 and earlier? I need to know what's sought after still. I used to be an addict but I've been out of the MAC "scene" for several years. I started selling a lot of my stash but then got ill and couldn't cope with it. Anyone who messaged me about my now defunct...
  9. Turbokittykat

    Most sought after MSFs?

    I know Pleasureflush, in general, remains the Holy Grail and usually goes for well over $100, but which other MSFs are very sought after now, and what are the going rates, roughly? I've totally lost track which have been re-released and which haven't.
  10. Turbokittykat

    MAC Boombox book

    Was this a "damp squib" or is it collectable/desirable at all? I am sooooo out of the loop.
  11. Turbokittykat

    Parting with MAC

    Mods, please don't move this - it's not a sale thread! It's more of a...strategy?...thread. Some of you may remember me but I've been absent from the MAC scene for a while. I had a serious addiction problem a few years back, spending hundreds every month on practically every product MAC...
  12. Turbokittykat

    OXFORDSHIRE, UK (Bicester Village CCO)

    I was in Bicester Village today and called into the CCO for a look. They've got a few decent things. Here's what I can remember... Both Catherine Deneuve beauty powders (around £10-11, I think) Six or seven eye shadows, including Zeal, Full Flame, Passionate, Endless Love and Beauty Sleep...
  13. Turbokittykat

    Technakohl liners

    Does anyone know why these are listed on the US MAC site as permanent and on the UK MAC site as LE with triangles of death? Are they really LE in the UK? And if so, why, if they are permanent in the US??
  14. Turbokittykat

    I am BACK!!

    Hi everyone! I've been pretty much MIA for several months, (whaddaya mean you didn't notice?!), because I suddenly and unexpectedly lost my home internet connection so I've had very little Internet access. Finally it's back so here I am! I'm really sorry if anyone tried to contact me in that...
  15. Turbokittykat

    What to do?

    What to do when you feel so invisible, unimportant and misunderstood that you just don't want to exist any more. When you wish you could just sit quietly in a corner, being ignored until you fade away totally?
  16. Turbokittykat

    Today I love MAC. They sent me a Lure mailer today!

    I've been trying to get one of these for a couple of weeks, without having to spend $20 on one. Today I am very glad I didn't pay silly money for one because one arrived free in the post! I am delighted!
  17. Turbokittykat

    Specktrettes in Taiwan?

    Are there any Specktra members in Taiwan? I'm angling for a huge favour. If anyone might be able to help me out, please PM me. Please!
  18. Turbokittykat

    Any guesses for how long the Summerwear quad will be available?

    It seems popular but I can't afford it at the moment. I'm wondering if I'll have a chance of getting it in a couple of weeks.
  19. Turbokittykat

    More display problems

    The board has just suddenly (within the last couple of days) stopped loading properly when I use Firefox to read it. The header image and the images that appear beside each thread to indicate if there have been new posts are missing, (no placeholders, just not there). It all works fine with IE...
  20. Turbokittykat

    Anyone else having problems with the Pigment Precautions pages?

    Is anyone else having a problem viewing the swatches on the Specktra pigment precautions page? Regardless of whether I am using Firefox or IE, I get placeholders instead of the images. I've cleared my cache, I've reloaded, I've messed around for ages and I've even tried 2 different computers...