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  1. Yushimi

    Yushimi is back at Specktra :) Missed me?

    Lolz yup..I got a quick break from all my school (enough time for a photoshoot and a FOTD for you girls ) I missed you all!! **Warning: I know I didn't do my brows lolz I purposely wanted them natural Oh and tell me if the pictures are too big. I think they're the right size but I could be...
  2. Yushimi

    Vellum e/s. Real or fake?

    Looks pretty much new to me and I needed one for my kit anyway. Just wanted to confirm with you girls. Edit: I tried resizing but my photobucket isn't liking me. I'm sorry for the huge pictures
  3. Yushimi

    Smoked out Purples + Style Warrior :)

    Was posted in the Style Warrior thread but I posted it again in the right place for you girls/guys Yes pics arn't the best but hey, for the love of MAC I think I can sacrifice beauty hahaha. List of products used: Eyes: Graphology Vibrant Grape (from Style Warrior collection) Creme de Violet...
  4. Yushimi

    Sick as hell but I'm a Style Warrior :)

    Yes, I'm super sick. Believe it or not. But I think I pulled it off...lolz I dont look sick right? Because I was suppose to look "healthy and happy" haha Yea, girls in the SW thread might've seen this already but I wanted to tell you all what I used just incase there are questions lolz...
  5. Yushimi

    Super late birthday FOTD (Lolz sorry!!)

    I promised you girls/guys the birthday look I did. D'oh, I forgot to upload it lolz. It's super late, but better than never right? Lolz. My birthday was on March 20th So yea, it's REALLY late haha Forgive me Sorry I didn't take a close up I forgot to in the mist of the rush to my "surprise"...
  6. Yushimi

    2 FOTD - Blue Smokey *First FOTD!! :D Please CC*

    Oki, please don't hurt me Lolz I just want to join in the fun because I'm fairly new so I might as well let you all meet who I really am and not my HK balloon covering my face in my display picture FOTD 1: 2 weeks ago? IGNORE MY SISTER LOLZ She wanted to take a picture with me... So on...
  7. Yushimi

    Two quick questions about MAC :)

    I've searched and searched and I couldn't find a thread about this lolz...So I'm super sorry if there was one because dumb-old-me I couldn't find it I'm just DH is getting me a giftcard for MAC. If it use the giftcard at the MAC to purchase items, does it count as sale numbers...
  8. Yushimi

    Hello from Vancouver :)

    that is all lolz. A bit late from joining to this forum but