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  1. silentstorm143

    Finally Got my Vert Labret

    So I have been wanting a vertical labret for some time and finally on the March 2nd got it I am so excited and happy with it. My piercer was an awesome dude had me laughing the whole time and I've had no problems I'm just paranoid that my jewelery is gonna fall out and then the piercing heal lol...
  2. silentstorm143

    China Glaze spring 2011

    I'm not sure where to put this or if its already been posted so I apologize if its in the wrong spot. I found this while browsing the internet thought people would like to see it...
  3. silentstorm143

    Everyone should be able to order on the MAC pro site!

    I am a MAC newbie and I don't know if its just me but I think that if you can walk into a MAC pro store without a pro card and buy what you want then why cant the MAC pro site be that way to? I was thinking of calling a pro store since I can't place an order online ( not a pro member here) and...
  4. silentstorm143

    Back in the swing of things. Hi from CT

    Hello to everyone. Call me silentstorm143 or L im from CT like so many others I have been poking around looking at what threads and pics I could finally decided to sign up the other day. I was really into makeup in my teens then it got left behind after my first son was born when I was 20 now at...