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    S-undress me babeeeeee!!

    I went to my counter to check out if they had Sundressing already....and the did!!!! Yay! So I bought In Living Pink e/s and put both pigments on hold! They're awesome! They also had the new summer bags, the Liquidlast Liner, Sundressing Body and the Try-On Pacs! I hope they don't run out too...
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    Comprehensive List of existing MAC Lipsticks

    ** needs to edited **
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    MAC Overshadowed e/s?

    I know I've heard of it somewhere but I don't know where.... Or was this a fake? Help out a clueless girl!
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    Huh? Can anybody help ME out? Shipping stuff out of the country

    I bought Provence Pigment off Ebay earlier this week and the girl who accepted it to send it to me wrote me this mail today: "I'm having a hard time shipping your item. maybe you can help me. when the shipping label prints it prints out 3 copies 1 for me, 1 for the post office, and 1 for...
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    Is there a lipstick similar to Fresh Buzz?

    Just wondering!
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    My hauls within the last weeks

    * Blush palette (bought with discount) * Sweet William Blushcreme Pearl pan (bought at Technique event) * Angelcake e/s (Ebay) * Carbon e/s pan (counter) * Rose PRO e/s (swap) * Satellite Dreams e/s pan (counter) * Blitz & Glitz Fluidline (for free) * Macroviolet Fluidline (other forum) * Dewy...
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    Sundressing is up on

    but why do they have the triangle of doom??? 961 Now everything's up as well as the new Try On Pacs and Y & Kei!
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    My Goldmine on the Satellite!

    I gave the purples in my life a second chance and bought Satellite Dreams e/s on Friday! I couldnt get a decent face shot but one including my cheeks! I used: Face: Select SPF15 in NC15 mixed with Select Tint in NC20 Dollymix Blush Good as Gold Pearlizer Eyes: Satellite Dreams e/s...
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    My interpretation of the Unorthodox face chart! And my new hair!!!!!!

    This was for a challenge and I thought I should share it here as well: Here's the original: And that's my version: And another hair pic: I used: Face: Select SPF15 in NC15 Moisturecover in NW20 Fleur Power Blush Eyes: Da Bling e/s all over lid Beauty Marked e/s on the inner...
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    Can you find the MAC e/s in the pic?

    After I got my hair dyed I went to MAC to get me a black e/'s Carbon! But after that I had to go to IKEA to find some stuff for a friend's birthday and I came home with a lot of stuff for me and my mom (only those little buckets and night-lights are for my friend) So I got: * two...
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    Ladies, I need your help since I'm totally clueless!

    First, I was clueless what to give to my friend for her 22th birthday! So another friend and I boiled it down to give her a 4 pan palette with 3 e/s and I will depot her Gleam e/s (that I gave her for christmas two years ago) so she has a nice palette that she could use for work (she works at a...
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    The best black MAC e/s?

    Yes I have no black e/s in my collection and that's why I wanna buy one tomorrow after I got my new haircolor! But I need some opinions regarding those three in the poll so let me hear yours!
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    Come and convince yourself that I have a forehead!

    I wore a headband all day but in the evening I switched to an hair elastic and some clips! So here I am.....with a forehead! I thought I give purples another try before I ban them out of my life! Take a look at my chin.... (everyone who tells me that I have flawless skin buys me an e/s! )...
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    Can anybody help me IDing those lipsticks?

    I got this Lipmix palette off Ebay and she told me that those are all MAC lipsticks And another pic: but me as a total lipstick newbie doesn't know which lipsticks those are! So please help me! TIA!
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    Yes I can be natural too!

    Soo I'm back from the workshop at my local counter! It was pretty cool, we had a lot of stuff to laugh about and now I know how to use a lash curler! I got this cute book with a matching pencil and just to reward myself I got a Sweet William Blushcreme! Oh and of course here's my look I...
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    Yay tomorrow is the first German workshop in history

    I found this flyer at my counter which said: "MAC Technique Workshop Our Makeup artists show you all the tricks for a perfect eye makeup! On Apr 18 from 4 to 6 PM!" Yay and so I signed on that list which was limited to 8 people and I hope to see some girls that I know from other beauty...
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    Me and the bad MAC karma....

    Do you remember the Culturebloom auctions on Ebay some weeks before the release? I bought Petal Pusher and Flowerosophy Lustreglass from that seller but never received the items! Gladly I got a refund and so I could go ahead and buy a second Petal Pusher Lustreglass from adajacobs! I bought and...
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    Buzzzz me harder, baby!!

    I used: Face: Select SPF15 in NC15 mixed with Select Tint SPF15 in NC20 Moisturecover in NW20 Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC20 Dollymix Blush Hundred Degrees Pearlizer Eyes: Sensualize e/s Elite e/s Rye e/s All That Glitters e/s Phone Number Eye Kohl Estee Lauder Lash XL mascara in...
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    Do you know the Llama Song?

    It's the perfect thing to start a day!
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    That damn Sephora newsletter is poison to my wallet!

    Because they show this cuuute Smashbox Set! I want it!