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  1. RougedAndReady

    I don't like this new forum software

    but this new vbulletin is horrible. I don't think it's just a matter of getting used to... it's just kinda bleh. It's got WAY too many kinks, it's not easy on the eyes... why'd you guys change it, out of curiosity? I can't send/recieve any mail because it keeps saying I have 30 messages in my...
  2. RougedAndReady

    Armani Cleansing Milk = AMAZING.

    I just tried a sample of this that my Armani SA gave me last week. WOW. My skin is oily, and this cleaned EVERYTHING off my face, but left my skin SO soft. I followed up with I-Iman BHA/AHA toner(I was shocked that my cotton pad came back clean, meaning the Armani really DID take everything off...
  3. RougedAndReady

    Coming out of Lurk Mode...

    Not so new here, but I decided to match my username to my MUA name and start over. I'm RougedAndReady there, of course :P Hopefully I can manage to be a contributing member somehow!