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  1. CoConutNwuT

    NN collection out on us! yay!!

    i just went to and they have NN on the web site now! im so excited!
  2. CoConutNwuT

    summer collection 08!

    i went to the official site and they have the summer collection up! it looks nice!
  3. CoConutNwuT

    Studio Finish spf 35?

    i just started buying mac stuff =) the addiction begins!!! ahh! lol but any who.. as soon as i got in the car i opened my studio finish spf 35 concealer and i got some on my finger to put on my hand and it looks oily? is it suppose to do that or am suppose to mix it a little or is something...
  4. CoConutNwuT

    sephora brushes??

    just starting out and i need a brush set and i just dont know which one to get?? any suggestions?
  5. CoConutNwuT

    sephora brush sets??

    i just started getting into my makeup obsession! and i need some brushes... the mac brushes are just to much for me to buy one at a time.. i wish i would have been able to buy some if the brush sets when they had them!! and so i have been looking at sephora brush sets and i just dont know which...
  6. CoConutNwuT

    Giorgio Armani Makeup?

    i have heard about his makeup and i even went to go look at seemed really good but i cant ever find any reviews or anything about it? anyone use this stuff?