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  1. ILoveMakeup84

    General Chanel Chat

    Thank you so much! Going to check those blushes out :)
  2. ILoveMakeup84

    General Chanel Chat

    Hey guys! So I am pretty new to Chanel. I recently got the Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzing makeup base and absolutely love it! What are your top 5 Chanel products? I would love to expand my collection but don’t know what to get. I have combination skin and I am an NC 20 in MAC for reference. Thank...
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    General Chanel Chat

    That too!
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    General Chanel Chat

    Oh wow!! I didn’t know some re-sell used makeup! Thats pretty unhygienic
  5. ILoveMakeup84

    General Chanel Chat

    Yes, it could be. But its messed up they send a product without the box. If it was a return they shouldn’t sell it again, specially since its makeup :/
  6. ILoveMakeup84

    General Chanel Chat

    Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. I am going to take it back. Thank you!
  7. ILoveMakeup84

    General Chanel Chat

    Hey guys! So I ordered a Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel bronzing makeup base from Nordstrom but it arrived without an outer box. It came in a big box, but the product itself came without one. Is this normal? Thanks!
  8. ILoveMakeup84

    MAC Electric Wonder Collection (June 6, 2019)

    This collection recently arrived in my country. I only got Lets Mesa Around and The Naturalist l/s. Love both of them!
  9. ILoveMakeup84

    MAC Boom Boom Bloom Collection (March 2019)

    So beautiful! I hope the eyeshadow palette preforms well cause I love the colors ??????
  10. ILoveMakeup84

    MAC Snowball / Snow Ball collection (Holiday 2017)

    Finally the collection launched here in Ecuador! I got: Stylishly Merry Its Snowing Shimmer and Spice Eyeshadow Palette in Rose Gold (this one is gorgeous in person!) Mini lipstick kit (these are so cute!) The girl at the counter told me they are receiving in a few weeks both face kits...
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    Hey guys! So its my first time posting in this thread. I've been recently diagnosed with gastritis which kinda sucks. I know you csn control it but I just wanted to know if any of you suffer from it too and how do you handle it? I am currently taking Ranitidine which helps a lot! The only...
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    Chanel, Dior, UD, MAC, Tarte etc Haul!

    Hi guys! Just wanted to share with you some of the goodies I have purchased recently :) A special thanks to Brooke from BlushingNoir for helping me with lots of CP's :P Some of the stuff I did buy here in my country. From left to right: UD 15 year anniversary palette...
  13. ILoveMakeup84

    Peacocky haul!!

    I am super excited because my Peacocky CP arrived today! I got Dalliance, Prance, Odalisque, Flaunting it and Scandelicious :D Also I finally got my hands on Smoke and diamonds! I really love this color! The mega metal eyeshadows are super buttery and very pigmented! I really like them :) I am...
  14. ILoveMakeup84

    FOTD- Sept. 7

    Hi all! so I decided to post a face of the day. Its a very simple look but I really like it. I had to take the pics on my webcam because my camera is broken...Hope you like it! Products used Face: Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse foundation in 150 Classic Ivory Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer...
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    My vacation haul!

    Hi! I am finally back from my US vacations! I went to Miami and Orlando and had a blast! I got some goodies from MAC, Bobbi Brown and the drugstore. So let's get started! An overview of everything I got: MAC haul! I got some stuff at the CCO and other things from a MAC store. Pigments...
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    MAC In the Groove- llegara a Mexico?

    Hola chicas! como ya sabrán este 7 julio saldrá a la venta en Estados Unidos esta colección. Saben si saldrá en Mexico? Les pregunto porque estoy que me muero por poder comprar el Stereo Rose MSF y tenía planeado comprarlo en la página de MAC con la tarjeta de mi hermano que vive en Houston...
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    Haul de MAC de ebay!! (fotos dentro)

    Como ya les había comentado en el post "Pregunta sobre Clearance Bin" me llegó mi pedido de ebay! De verdad hasta ahora no me lo creo! Tenía un poco de miedo de que no me fueran a salir originales las cosas porque llevarse 5 MSF's (3 BNIB- Porcelain Pink, Petticoat y Blonde-y los otros 2 son 1x...
  18. ILoveMakeup84

    Pregunta sobre Clearance Bin

    Hola chicas! Les quería preguntar si las ventas del Clearance Bin de aqui del foro son buenas? si se consiguen buenas cosas? a buenos precios? esque todavía no puedo ver esa sección porque no cumplo con el tiempo en el foro (tiene que ser minimo 30 días) y estaba pensando en pagar la suscripcion...
  19. ILoveMakeup84

    Finding an MSF or Blush close to this color [Pic inside]

    Hi all! I hope you are having a great week! Ok so I am looking for an MSF or blush that is similar or really close to the color in the pictures. The thing is that color looks really nice on me as a bronzer but I have to mix 2 different blushes to achieve it and its really time consuming and...
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    Hello from Ecuador

    Hi all! my name is Anna and I am from Ecuador. I participate in other beauty forums but always wanted to participate here! I don't own too many MAC products since we don't have a MAC here, but recently bought some MSF's from ebay which I love and become obsessed with jaja now I want them ALL...