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  1. kimberlane

    I want to feel good naked

    So hello there. I have finally gotten sick and tired of my big belly and lazy a$$ ways. I have lost 20lbs since last november, with the help of some diet pills. Though I quit taking them in Jan. gained about ten of it back and somehow, I don't know how since I haven't once worked out, managed to...
  2. kimberlane

    Will the 6 contour pallette work for me?

    So I just recently got the coastal scents 88 shimmer and some brushes as I am just now getting into makeup. And on ebay I saw the 6 piece contour set for cheaper, but it looks a little different in the color department. I am a biracial girl, black and white/indian, so I am not dark and not...
  3. kimberlane

    Who has a sex swing

    I was thinking about getting one. But seeing as they are $100 or more. I wanted to get some opinions about them. I don't know anyone with one. Lots that want to try. But I guess everyone is as cheap as me. So if you have one or even know someone who does. Are they worth it? Is it something that...
  4. kimberlane

    WOC's and ANYONE: Best Human Weaves for CHEAP people

    Okay, so I have been watching Ateeya (from youtube, check her out) and she got this real indian virgin hair, and it is beautiful. I've never had a weave and now I want one. I tried looking on here for help. Obviously I saw the all about extensions thread, but it seems to cater to the, not to be...
  5. kimberlane

    Coastal Scents 88 palette vs Manly 120 palette

    I was wanting to buy one of them. As I really only own a smoky eye quad, so it'd be nice to be able to try some of the looks off of here or youtube. I was wondering which one is better. Obviously the manly has 32 more colors and I could buy it with shipping included for $22. The coastal scents...
  6. kimberlane

    Which Coastal Scents Brushes do I need

    Hello, so I have been on this site for a while now and while I am not near as advanced as you all. You guys make me excited about makeup and inspire me to do more than the usual eyeliner and mascra. Anyway, my makeup collection consists of 2 or so foundations, one mineral powder, one liquid...
  7. kimberlane

    Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease

    Just wondered if anyone had done the videos, and if they lost any weight, or gained muscle from them. Thanks for your info.
  8. kimberlane

    Translucent Powder

    Sorry if this is already been asked, but I tried to look it up and there are too many pages that show up. I was wondering what is the best translucent power or something comparable to BE mineral veil that I can get from Walmart, Walgreens, etc. Thanks for the help in advance.
  9. kimberlane

    SpecKtra Dictionary

    Ok so I am fairly new, not even a month yet. And even though I am not completly new to makeup, next to most of you I am a novice. I didn't even know about mac makeup til I started watching youtube tutorials. I mean I might have heard someone mention it on t.v. or something, but no clue how big...
  10. kimberlane

    Boudoir Photos? Anyone...

    I was just wondering if anyone on here has taken boudoir photos for their SO? For tose wondering what they are they are professional sexy photos where you are either naked or barely clothed.