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  1. damsel

    WOC: Sugarsweet

    now that we have the full color story, i'm excited to hear everyone's thoughts, preliminary lists and soon to come hauls.
  2. damsel

    WOC: Brunette Blonde Redhead

    i'm am so excited for this, it's ridiculous. i'm starting this discussion now, so we can get get some ideas on how everyone is feeling. january in just around the corner so, what is everyone planning on picking up? my list is extensive : ++= here are some links for reference: color story...
  3. damsel

    WOC: Dame Edna

    what's everyone getting? i'm very interested in everyones thoughts. i'll probably pick up a few lip products, but that's about it... idk. let's discuss! here are some links for easy access: color story swatches
  4. damsel

    WOC: Holiday 08 Adoring Carmine/Passions of Red/Little Darlings etc. Thoughts/Hauls?

    what is everyone getting from the upcoming holiday collections? any thoughts on the products in regards to woc? let's discuss. Adoring Carmine = lip bags + brush sets Passions of Red = eye + lip palettes Passionately Red = Viva Glam lip palettes Little Darlings = pigment + lipglass/lustreglass...