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  1. glamella

    Dear MAC, I want a burgundy fluidline!

    I have green eyes, and love how reddish plums and burgundies make my eyes pop. I love my Macroviolet (((hugs)))). But, I would love a burgundy one. I've found some liquid liners, but they are harder to apply when tightlining.
  2. glamella

    Any news on the new shadows for Spring?

    I am on pins and needles waiting to see the new colors. Anyone has some teaser info?
  3. glamella

    Stila mystery palette?

    I've been out of the Stila loop for awhile, but I saw a pic on MUA of a Stila Mystery Palette w/ 3 shadows and a blush. The packaging was similar to the "booklets" of Pussycat Dolls and Legally Blonde palettes. I really like it and was wondering when it came outand where I can get it.
  4. glamella

    Apricot Pink v. Goldenaire

    Has anyone seen Apricot Pink IRL yet? I'd love to know how it compares to Goldenaire. I have both Goldenaire and Deckchair, and I wanted to know if A.P is too similar.
  5. glamella

    Does Rose pig. vary in color?

    I had it but it was quite gold, not rosy at all so I swapped it. But, I see swatches and FOTD where it looks like a beautiful rosy color on people w/ similar color to me. Is it possible that batches vary in color?
  6. glamella

    Do you hide your obsession?

    LOL....I purposely rotate between 7 diff. mac counters and stores so that they don't think I'm a weirdo always checking out the new collections.
  7. glamella

    Weight Loss Challenge #2/ What are you doing rop

    as part of diet/exercise? I have started doing a lot of classes at my gym. I always did machines, so I was too comforatable in my routine. I am seeing some results already in just 2 weeks. Diet hasn't been as successful, but I am slowly reducing the daily sugary goodness intake.
  8. glamella

    SonRisa? MAC Lingerie collection Q

    Your mailbox was full so I posted my Q here Hi! I go to your store all the time, but I was wondering whether the Lingerie collection will be out first thing the day after Christmas. I just wanted to make sure before braving that parking lot!
  9. glamella

    Will I regret swapping away my rop

    Bobbi Brown Eye kohls? It's time once again to clear out unused products from my cabinet. I'm on the fence about this once because there isn't anything else like. I like it, but since getting MAC gel liners, I never reach for it. I hate clutter though. What do you ladies think?
  10. glamella

    eyeliner for the water line?

    I must have a very watery eye because I can never get eyeliner to actually apply to the water line. I have tried pencil liners (various) and all the gel liners (BB, Stila, MAC). Would MAC power points work?
  11. glamella

    Who doesn't have pigments?

    I swapped all of mine away. I love the way they look, but they were inconvenient to use and store. And, I find that I can create all the looks w/ pressed shadow anyway. Although, I will get one if it's a unique shade.
  12. glamella

    Brands you just can't get into?

    As much as I looove makeup I just can't get into certain brands. Anyone else like this? Here are the ones that just don't hold my interest: Becca Pout Hard Candy Tony & Tina Chanel Lorac
  13. glamella

    Can anyone describe the texture of the lip gelees?

    Just wondering about texture & also lasting power.
  14. glamella

    BEP song in Best Buy commercial?

    What is the title of the Black Eyed Peas song in the Best Buy commercial? The only line I remember is "riiight nooow.." Not very helpful, I know.
  15. glamella

    Dear Saks, I hate you!

    I just called the MAC counte at Saks because they were *supposed* to get the Temperley palette this month. Well, it turns out Saks decided not to buy it! *shakes fist*