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  1. TISH1124

    I'm A Celebrity - Get Me Out of Here

    Am I the only one watching this? Am I the only one that is ready to Bitch Slap Heidi & Spencer ? Am I the only one that did not know Sanjaya (sp) was a Celebrity ?
  2. TISH1124

    Obsessed featuring Beyonce

    I personally can't wait to see this movie....MsB looks like she is acting her A$$ off!! My Girl said Oh, I'll show you crazy!!! April 24th YouTube - Obsessed Trailer
  3. TISH1124

    Aziza's "Post Your Bold Lip Of the Day" Challenge

    Aziza wanted to start a Thread where we post our Boldest Lips of the Day!! I think it is a Great Idea......So Ladies...Post your Fabulous BOLD Lips and what you used to create them here..... The Wonderful M.A.C Head originally posted it in the WOC...We would like to see everyone's Bold Lip...
  4. TISH1124

    LOTD Only ~ HK Fashion Meow~ Mews!!!

    Ok I just left the gym so this is a Lip Of the Day only....Some of the Ladies in the WOC thread wanted to see Fashion Mews on another WOC .... So here ya go beauties MAC should have called it Fashion much kittier Face: nada Eyes: Feline, BB Mascara & BB Brow Powder Only Lips: Vino...
  5. TISH1124

    A Few of My BBR Items

    First, let me say I could not get a good picture to save my soul this I gave up and just posted the ones I had... Maybe it's because I haven't taken pics in so long I forgot how to use this damn camera!! Face : NC45 Mineralize Satinfinsh RedHead Eyes: Solar White, Pincurl, 100...
  6. TISH1124

    Transit shooting - Shooting Protesters Rally At BART Headquarters Not sure if this has been posted ....If so Mods please merge About the guy that was shot and killed on the transit by the cop..... They are saying they think the officer thought he was pulling his traser out of his holster but...
  7. TISH1124

    Chromaline Marine Ultra (BLUE) for Makeba

    Ok I am really not feeling well today...But Makeba wanted to see how the Blue Chromaline looked on..It is the deepest, greatest blue IMO ever!! I didn't do much of any blending etc....This was done in 10 please be nice or Makeba will get ya!! Face: ST NC45, MSF Dark Cheeks...
  8. TISH1124

    Teal Delft Do Us Part

    I Love Delft Paint Pot!!! Kimmy...the red lips are for you! Kisses!! Face: MAC ST NC45, MSF Med Dark, X-Rocks Blush Eyes: Delft p/p, Painterly p/p, Teal Pigment, Sharkskin s/s, Espresso e/s, Vanilla e/s, Blacktrack, Zoomlash Lips: Dark Side l/s, COC l/g Indoor Lighting Outdoor Lighting
  9. TISH1124

    Seal Soul

    Ladies, I have NEVER been a Seal fan. I must tell you if you love Soul Music and if you get nothing else this year get his new CD "SOUL"!!! This is the BEST CD I have heard in such a long time....If you love Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye etc...OMG this CD is HOTTTT!! He has repromoted all the old R...
  10. TISH1124

    Look at these Lippies

    15 colors MACâ„¢ Lipstick Set - eBay (item 280290182935 end time Dec-02-08 14:58:58 PST) 15 colors MACâ„¢ Lipstick Set - eBay (item 280290183489 end time Dec-02-08 15:02:09 PST) This seller is selling so many sets of these lipsticks...when is the last time this type cap was even...
  11. TISH1124

    Drugstore Eyes meets Pixie Cut

    Hey guys....I decided to try out some of my Drugstore e/s today and see if they compared to my MAC as far as pigmentation.... Not sure yet...But they were not too bad to work with ...Let's see how long they last. Face : MAC Studio Tech NC45, MSF Medium Dark Cheeks: MAC Margin blush Eyes...
  12. TISH1124

    My *ROSS* Shoe Porn

    Ok Ladies I bought these shoes over the Past two days...I am so excited about the great deals I got at Ross..I had to post them!!! I spent less than $150.00 total!!! Yeah for Ross Dress For Less!! #1 Steve Madden $22.99 #2 BCBG $19.99 (Favs too) #3 Steve Madden $19.99 #4 Carlos by...
  13. TISH1124

    Total Do Over

    Michie / Carandru .... This is my Purple Re-Do Today is my 2nd Anniversary so I am taking my husband to lunch and going shopping....I swear I do not know how I got these falsies to stay on..They are being held on by a hope and a prayer! Lips - Stone l/l, 4N l/s, C Thru l/g (Not sure why it...
  14. TISH1124

    The Darkside for Fall

    I tried out my new Lipstick "DarkSide" today...tell me what you think ..Although I am a neutral lip girl this one didn't bother me quite so bad. Eyes: Soft Ochre, NYX Rust, Brassy, Espresso, Vanilla Face: ST NC45, Eversun, Warmed Lips: Currant l/l, DarkSide l/s
  15. TISH1124

    When I see *Item* I always think of *Person*

    Ok I was bored and this is a cheezy thread!!! But I was thinking about this for some reason List the Make-Up Items that Immediately makes you think of a particular person's fotd because they wear it in your opinion like no other! These are the items that ALWAYS make me think of a...
  16. TISH1124

    Victoria's Secret Bras - Lawsuit ??

    I was listening to the news today...and there is a Lawsuit against VS regarding their bras causing rashes due to formaldehyde possibly being used in the manufacturing process. Have any of you heard about this? I looked for a thread on this..But couldn't find one... Mods please merge if there...
  17. TISH1124

    Back To "Yesterday's" Look & Neutrals!!!

  18. TISH1124

    MAC Studio Tech Foundation

    Why...Did someone not tell me about MAC STF .....I tried it for the 1st time yesterday and I am in LOVE !! I normally use Studio Fix NC45 or the Moistureblend formula .... STF feel so smooth & silky and even though it is the same color shade as the SF I normally use it is a 100% better...
  19. TISH1124

    Halloween 2008 Kiddie Pictures .. Let's See the Costumes!!!

    Christian a/k/a BATMAN All Mac Carbon and CCB Fresh Morning