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  1. browneyedbaby

    Heatherette and Dress Camp!

    Hi guys! Went into London today so I got... Heatherette - Style Minx - Starlet Kiss - Lollipop Lovin' - Trio 1 (already had Alpha Girl and Sock Hop) Dress Camp - All of it! Pics from the Heatherette event at Selfridges...
  2. browneyedbaby

    Benefit You Rebel Lite... any good?

    Hiya Has anyone tried this? I'm looking for a nice tinted moisturizer that gives a little bit of coverage and will look ok on my NC15 skin, in theory this one looks pretty good. Has anyone tried it? If not and you any other recs they'd be more than welcome. Thanks x
  3. browneyedbaby

    Guerlain "Fleur De Feu" Eye Palette (love!)

    Hi everyone... I'm loving the look of this... Guerlain ‘Fleur de Feu’ Eye Palette Has anyone bought it/tried it? I really want to know if it's worth it as I shouldn't really be buying for looks alone, although it wouldn't be the first time!! Or if not, just have any comments on Guerlain...
  4. browneyedbaby

    I need more stuff!! My collection...

    Ok this is it... minus a few lipglasses that are in handbags! Looking to expand my collection this year!
  5. browneyedbaby

    Oriental Make-Up for a Ball??

    Hiya I need some help! I'm going to a ball next week, the theme is Oriental. My dress is a fushia-ish pink with a lavender detail at the top and my shoes are strappy silver. I want to do something special with my eyes that matches the balls theme... any ideas or pics are greatly appreciated...
  6. browneyedbaby

    Powder recs

    Hiya I use NC15 SFF on the recommendation of an MA. She originally tried NW15 on me in a diff' type foundation and said liquid may be better for my skin which is was but that the shades differ in SFF and so I was NC15. Question... I was going to get some select sheer pressed powder but now Im...
  7. browneyedbaby

    Saturday Shopping Haul

    Hiya All Went into a MAC store today and got... Orange-descence lipglass (that's it from turquatic, the rest is pretty but not special) Phloof e/s Gorgeous gold e/s Expensive pink e/s Swimming e/s Studio fix fluid as I've ran out Empty quad for the above e/s
  8. browneyedbaby

    I couldn't help myself...

    I ordered my Lure haul online and it arrived yesterday Although going through it I found they had sent Nightfish fluidline and not Haunting f/l ... I was really dissapointed as I had noooo interest in Nightfish when I ordered whatsoever. But.... After staring at it on and off for a good half...
  9. browneyedbaby

    My 'I am now broke' haul

    Hi All Bit of a mixture... also got Classic Cream LiquidLast and Stars n' Rockets e/s. I love my trainers Attachment 978 Click to enlarge!
  10. browneyedbaby

    Lure on UK site haul!! Yayyyy

    I ordered: Mancatcher e/s Waternymph e/s Aquavert e/s Sex Ray lipglass Stroke of Lust l/s Haunting Fluidline Maidenchant blushcreme And from She Shines: Sunnydaze! I can't wait til next week! For once I'm dissapointed it's the weekend!!!! And they've sold out of Lure l/s, it can only of been...
  11. browneyedbaby

    Irregular Choice Shoes

    Hiya All I love, love, love LOVE Irregular Choice shoes, I'm in the UK and can't find anywhere that has the new collection, online or in store! It's driving me mad!! I need these shoes.... Attachment 971 Actually there's lots more that I want too! Anyone got any ideas?
  12. browneyedbaby

    Best Lure lippy

    Hi All Since my nearest counter is over 2 hours away, I'm going be buying my Lure stuff online. I can only afford one lipstick at the mo as I want alot of the eye stuff. Any recommendations, I'm NC15, dark brown hair and eyes. Thank you
  13. browneyedbaby

    Which blush??

    Hiya All Bit of advice please... I' m fairly new to MAC and choosing a good blusher is always my downfall! I have NC15 skin, dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. What's pretty? Also what are the bronzers like on pale skin? Thankyou
  14. browneyedbaby


    Hiya All I'm new to MAC after being a Benefit girl but omg I love my MAC stuff already!!