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  1. newagetomatoz

    Scared about College?

    This fall, I'm going away to college, where I'll be dorming (duh). While I'm excited about going away and starting college, I'm also really scared. After orientation a few weeks ago, I'm begun to be really scared about going away. I really won't know anyone there and I'm really nervous that...
  2. newagetomatoz

    Finally went to my CCO!!!

    So, Friday was my prom and since my hair goes down to about mid-butt on me, we decided not to have it done, but have my makeup professionally done instead. Of course I pick MAC! My MA Chad was AMAZING!!! I am in love with what he did! If you are ever at the Walden Galleria, see him! The $50...
  3. newagetomatoz

    Lil' Sizzler

    I just got a new digital camera for my birthday so now I can actually post more FOTDs!! I'm still learning how to use it, so please excuse the funky pictures. And I am in love with these polishes so I just wanted to share them! FACE: BE Prime Time Revlon ColorStay...
  4. newagetomatoz

    Orange Eyeshadow

    Hello! I'm looking for an orange shadow that is somewhat intense with a bit of gold pearl. The best way to describe the color I'm looking for is the orange of the tube of Cover Girl's LashBlast mascara. That color is so awesome! It doesn't have to be MAC or specifically an eyeshadow...
  5. newagetomatoz

    Do ever relate things you see back to MAC?

    Sometimes, no, a lot of the time, I'll be doing something and the clock might read 2:19 and I think of the 219 brush, or the page I'm photocopying 187, and I think how I need to get a full-size 187. On occasion, I'll think, "I bet MAC has a shadow in that color." Or "that car color looks just...
  6. newagetomatoz

    Eyebrow Primer

    Hey guys, So, lately I've noticed (or it got to me more for some reason) that my eyebrows become 'patchy' during the day. I fill them in with BE eyebrow powder and I really like it so far, but around 2-3ish I notice that the portions of my eyebrows near my tear ducts become a little patchy...
  7. newagetomatoz

    Tropical Fruit Burst Amid the Snow

    Hey everyone! So today's look was inspired by my makeup last night. It was 11:30pm and I was just playing around with colors, trying to make a pink/berry smokey eye, and instead I made a messy version of today's look. So I just cleaned it up and added some more "artistic" touches! LOL I just...
  8. newagetomatoz

    Jane Eye Zing Eye Mixers

    Hey everyone! So, my Walgreens is having a BOGO on all Jane cosmetics, and I was thinking of picking up some of their eye zings mixer palettes because I love palette and haven't been disappointed with their eye zings so far. I was wondering if anybody has tried them and what they think of...
  9. newagetomatoz

    Fafi Dolls Help!!!!

    Okay, so you are probably going to think that I am on crack for this, but I need help. On my computer stand I have two little buddies that keep me company. One I made while babysitting awhile back, and another is from my friend because she felt bad that I couldn't take the full-sized ones...
  10. newagetomatoz

    Pink Shadow Fading

    Usually I don't wear pink shadow, or really any color close to pink on my face. But lately, I've been in a pink mood. However, while the colors look vibrant and "pink" when I first apply them, in less than an hour the color fade to a faint pink while all the other colors are fine. I almost...
  11. newagetomatoz

    MAC - Beauty Powder Blush Discussion

    So, I thought it would be nice to start a thread about the new blushes coming out!! After a real quick glance at the shades, the one that caught my eye was Joyous. It seems like such a perfect everyday color for me. Your guys thoughts?
  12. newagetomatoz

    Skin Whitening/Lightening

    Hey everyone! So, I tried searching for this and I couldn't find anything that was close to what I was looking for, so I appologize if this has already been posted before. For a little over a year now, I have been really interested in lightening my skin. I have already managed to pale it...
  13. newagetomatoz

    L'Oreal HIP Shine Struck

    So, while I trying to find out more about HIP's new cream shadow paint, I saw a thread on MUT that also had HIP's new lipgloss in it. Has anyone tried the Shine Struck glosses? What do you think of them?
  14. newagetomatoz

    My Self-Made Brush Roll!

    Hi! So after I really started getting into brushes, I quickly outgrew my little glass that I put them in. And I fell in love with the idea of a brush roll! So I spent New Years day in a mother-daughter bonding activity with my mom and we came up with this! She figured out the construction and...
  15. newagetomatoz

    Lippie Recommendation

    Hi! So lately I have been in love with doing a pseudo-NARS Rated R eye. I use MAC's Chartreuse pigment all over my lid and crease, with Cobalt eyeshadow on my outer-v. And then I go over the inner corner with Gold Dusk pigment. And then eyeliner and brow highlighter of the day! Problem...
  16. newagetomatoz

    I got into college!!!

    Okay, well, for about the past year and a half, I have had my heart set on University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. I spent about a good three months working on my essays and studying for the ACTs and SATs. So, I applied early decision (non-binding) at the absolute latest, and was expecting my...
  17. newagetomatoz

    Wintery Blues (kinda pic heavy)

    Hi everyone!! This is my first FOTD ever!! So please bear with me! Any feedback is appreciated! A REALLY crummy full-face pic with my bangs doing something weird: A better shot of my eyes: And with them closed: Me, being a little cheeky: Me being a camera-whore today...
  18. newagetomatoz

    Brushes for MSFs

    I was wondering what type of brush you use, or would recommend, for applying an MSF. I heard that you use a fan brush, like the 184, but then I saw on here that some use a 187 or 188. Recs? Thanks ahead of time!
  19. newagetomatoz

    Recs for copper eyeshadow

    Can anyone recommend a shade of eyeshadowto me that is like 'freshly-minted-penny' copper to me? I have found some that are copperish, but not the fresh/new penny copper I'm after. (Generaly, I prefer to work with powder eyeshadows.) I've been looking for this particular shade of eyeshadow...
  20. newagetomatoz


    Hi! My name is Tay! I basically found this site when trying to find uses for MAC pigment, which I just bought in Rushmetal. So I am a complete newbie to Specktra and to MAC! (Rushmetal is my first ever MAC purchase) All I can really say is that I'm just excited because the little things...