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  1. NATlar

    MAC x Disney Aladdin (May 16, 2019)

    Only things I love in this collection are the lipsticks... stunning! The bronzer was way too dark I honestly don’t think anyone with fair or even medium skin tone would get away with it unless you go a slight touch on it but then you’d rather buy one that you can use! I’m surprised there wasn’t...
  2. NATlar

    Nars x Erdem April/May

    I shouldn’t because I have too many blushes but I’m debating in ordering both blushes!! They’re just so pretty and I seen someone’s Instagram picture with both the shades mixed together (I’ll post) how pretty?!!
  3. NATlar

    MAC x Patrick Starrr (Dec 14th, 2017)

    Used the GLAM AF palette today.. love it!
  4. NATlar

    MAC x Patrick Starrr (Dec 14th, 2017)

    Glam AF Palette which is beautiful I’m in love with the shades OMIGUAD and Saddle! Also got Mamastarrr!
  5. NATlar

    MAC Snowball / Snow Ball collection (Holiday 2017)

    so happy I finally have "Rouge En Snow" and my backup which I almost didn't get but Debenhams pulled through and had to get it from another warehouse to send to me.
  6. NATlar

    Fenty Beauty by Rihanna

    I went into my Harvey Nichols store today wasn't planning on buying things but I had items on my list to get sometime. The girl did my whole face and WOW the makeup looked absolutely flawless! I do have dry skin and I'm not into the matte foundations but that foundation paired with the primer...
  7. NATlar

    General Urban Decay Discussion

    I tried the palette on before I brought it and it looked amazing on my pale complexion especially the highlight <3 and I had to get two lipsticks too!! John Lewis was doing 15% off so why not haha
  8. NATlar

    MAC x Beauty Gurus (April - July 2017)

    Fleur De Forces lipstick is amazing... it feels more of a satin then a cremesheen which I'm happy about and the pigmentation is brilliant!!!
  9. NATlar

    Becca Prismatic Amethyst

    Delete thread please Can this thread please be deleted sorry <3
  10. NATlar

    MAC x Mariah Carey (December 8, 2016)

    Got your goodies hun <3 wouldn't let me send a personal message with a picture on my phone but here it does haha
  11. NATlar

    MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection (2016)

    Tried getting another swatch of Oh Darling and WOG together not sure if you can notice still but in person Oh Darling is a bit darker and slightly warmer where as WOG on me is lighter but in the pans you can't tell any different but I do still agree they are similar!
  12. NATlar

    MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection (2016)

    I don't like CYY on me but I loved Flamboyish so I picked that up and had to compare them both if anyone was wondering if they're the same... on me they're different!
  13. NATlar

    MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection (2016)

    Not sure if you can tell in this picture but in person you can WOG is a little lighter and brighter then OD I'll get a better swatch in daylight.
  14. NATlar

    MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection (2016)

    I did have to swatch Yum Yum Yum a few times to build up the colour but it's so pretty glad I got it but Sweet Vision is absolutely beautiful and melts onto the skin like a dream!
  15. NATlar

    MAC Nutcracker Sweet Holiday Collection (2016)

    Picture doesn't do these justice... I'm all about Pleasure Model blush and the Peach palette that tutu highlight abosolutely stunning!! I'm just waiting on my Magic Dust powders should be here tomorrow and my nude lip bag :D I'm NC15 if anyone is wondering!
  16. NATlar

    MAC X Selena Quintanilla Collection (October 2016)

    I'll show you my swatches I think they look the same ignore my messy big swatches haha
  17. NATlar

    MAC X Selena Quintanilla Collection (October 2016)

    Amor Prohibido is by far my favourite happy I have a BU on it's way can see me using it a lot! Como La Flor applied like a dream picture does it no justice it's absolutely beautiful!! Dreaming Of You applied like a dream also especially for a matte... I do have a BU of this on the way too...
  18. NATlar

    MAC X Selena Quintanilla Collection (October 2016)

    I'm hoping she isn't lying and it does launch this week haha (UK site)
  19. NATlar

    MAC Star Trek Collection (Aug 25/Sep 1, 2016)

    I got the girl to try Highly Illogical on me today and it looked gorgeous so I had to pick it up <3 swatched my three powders together :)