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    A good lamp!!!!any ideas?

    Search "LED vanity mirror lights" on Amazon. There's a huge selection with a wide price range for any budget. Good Luck! :)
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    MAC Discontinued Natural Hair Brushes - new in sleeve

    Excellent. I'll PM you. Thanks!
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    MAC Discontinued Natural Hair Brushes - new in sleeve

    Do you have any 205's left? Thanks
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    What do you look for at the store?

    For me I look for pressed powders first, usually blot or no colour powders.
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    Do you Trust your Hairstylist?

    Yes, I trust my hairstylist. He tells me what he's using, and he doesn't recommend or sell me anything.
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    Does music helps to increase focus?

    That depends. In the make-up trailer, we always listen to music, all genre's. For me, if I am doing a creative look or a very basic look, music helps me focus. On-the-other-hand, if me or another MuA is creating a new look for a character that needs to be established, or for a camera test...
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    Does music helps to increase focus?

    As long as it's not cranked to 10 you should be fine.
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    Brush Repair

    Krazy Glue is great for fixing brushes. Setting time is about 2 minutes. Ferrule Repair With the tip of the applicator, spread a thin amount of glue around the side head of the handle... On most brushes, the flat end of the handle will not press against the bottom of the bristles, so no sense...
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    Schools not teaching enough about industry

    Responding to an old thread... This is true. I took my training in the late 90's, even then as-it-is-now, make-up schools don't cover this topic in any substantial way. Our Union, in partnership with the Ontario Provincial Government, offers an Apprenticeship / training program for just...
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    My Current Makeup Storage! (AKA THIS Is Why I Put Myself On A "LOW-BUY") * PIC HEAVY *

    I know this is an old thread... Mine is currently this...
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    MAC haul

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    Jones Road Beauty

    The colour range I've been using on three actors for covering / concealing their blemishes.
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    Recent hospital stay left me looking like zombi any tips?

    You can try The Makeup Armoury or Zuca for various sized train cases that will fit your requirements.
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    Jones Road Beauty

    I find their Face Pencil has the right texture for covering up blemishes without it slipping off. And I find that Clinique's No Colour pressed powder goes well with it to set it.
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    MAC haul

    Another MAC haul...
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    Guide to Pigment Pressing (PIC HEAVY)

    Here's an eyeshadow being salvaged...
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    MAC Face and Body foundation and Temptu

    Yes it should work. I use the iwata ninja jet compressor with the neo airbrush gun. (Airbrush systems work pretty much the same).
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    Random WOC Makeup Thoughts

    Because of the above BIPOC article, and with ongoing major concerns with the actor's agents and unions, the actors are wanting a solution. So IATSE (Film Technician Union) with all the Locals in Canada held a 4 hour Make-up Department meeting / tutorial video conference via YouTube Live with Q/A...
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    Guide to Pigment Pressing (PIC HEAVY)

    I sprayed a few layers of 99% onto the broken pigment and pressed it down with a spatula. I continued until I got the desired finished result.