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  1. hawaii02

    Brand new store!

    I recently went to Savannah and they are building a brand new MAC store on Broughton Street. I don't know when it is scheduled to open (local news station said July 14th, but it didn't appear to be ready when I was there on July 13th). It is not far from the J. Crew on the corner.
  2. hawaii02

    Nail polish holder?

    Right now, my nail polishes are lined up in a small box on my sink. I'm looking for something better than the little box I have. What kind of holder does everyone use as a space saver or to keep polishes right side up?
  3. hawaii02

    Need a MAC replacement for Stila Jewel

    My Stila Jewel (Barbie)lip glaze melted and so I had to throw it out. I absolutely loved the color but not necessarily the lip glaze. Any MAC recommendations in glosses to try??
  4. hawaii02

    UD vs. MAC-Shopping questions

    Ok, I am sure I am not the only one out there overwelmed by all the GREAT stuff that UD is putting out for holiday . I spent 30 minutes at Ulta trying to decide which items to buy. So, if anyone wouldn't mind giving their opinion-you might make my Christmas shopping easier! I love UD's Gash...
  5. hawaii02

    Makeup Palettes

    If you could buy only ONE from any cosmetic line, which would it be and why?
  6. hawaii02

    All Doll'd Up Palette

  7. hawaii02

    MAC Master Class

    Just wanted to share my experience with the Master Class this morning. As it was my first one, I had no idea what to expect. At my local counter, I got a name tag and then was matched up for my foundation and concealer shade. Off to the side, was a "room" designated for at least 20 of us...
  8. hawaii02

    Pictureless FOTD: 8/12/09

    My look for today: Face: Baby Bloom Foundation Blot powder Clinique concealer Eyes: -UDPP -Dazzlelight (inner tear duct and browbone) -Bright Future (lid and up into crease) -Rule in crease -UD Deluxe Shadow in Peace (upper lash line) -Lower lashline: Bright Future and Peace over top of...
  9. hawaii02

    Ulta Swatches

    I know there is an older thread, but wanted to update it. Here is what I have from Ulta: Top: Key West, Middle: Cashmere, Last: Amethyst Comparison of Amethyst and Prestige's Blossom (Hepcat dupe)
  10. hawaii02

    The MAC the Gaslamp Quarter

    We found it while driving aroundon the day of arrival. I never made it into the store. In case anyone needs it, the store is located at 234 5th Ave.
  11. hawaii02

    What are your makeup must-haves for travel??

    So, what can't you leave home without?? A lipglass, an MSF?? Please share!
  12. hawaii02

    Pictureless FOTD 6/3/09

    Here was my spring look for today. -Studio Fix NW 20 Powder foundation _Clinique concealer Eyes: -UDPP _Bright Future on lid -Kat Von D's Gypsy palette (Hawkwind) inner corners and browbone -Kat Von D's Gypsy palette Birdcage outer third and halfway in crease _Kat Von D's Egosun blended...
  13. hawaii02

    How often do you buy new shoes?

    I just bought a pair of Jessica Simpson thongs for summer last night. Who else is on the shoe-buying bandwagon?
  14. hawaii02

    Muse Palette

    The colors in this palette look pretty dupable, but I've heard great reviews. Should I still buy??
  15. hawaii02

    Ulta e/s

    I just recently bought my first few Ulta eyeshadows (Truffle, Silk, Sapphire, and Summer). Do you have favorite colors out of Ulta's eyeshadow collection??
  16. hawaii02

    UD Heist vs. Shadowy Lady?

    Are these two colors dupes of each other??
  17. hawaii02


    I This multiple question post, so I put it in the chatter section. Feel free to move it if need be. I finally got into see our new Sephora today! As I was testing out some of the UD products, I came across their e/s Smog. Does it have a MAC dupe?? It looked to be similar to Bronze, but lighter...
  18. hawaii02

    What l/g with Snob l/s??

    Is their a color worth trying?? It's such a pale color and it would be great to warm it up. It's a lighter version of Up the Amp on me.
  19. hawaii02

    Which pigments???

    What pigments can I use to make a peachy/orange look pop??? What about gold/bronze???
  20. hawaii02

    It's My 1yr MAC Anniversary!!!

    I just wanted to share that I officially became a MAC addict one year ago today!!! If I remember correctly, I bought Spice l/l, Amberlights, e/s, Woodwinked e/s, Ricepaper e/s and Brave l/s as my first purchases.