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  1. sushiiflower

    Your perfect quad

    Aside from the premade quads -- If were forced to only wear four shadows for the rest of your life & were told to put together a quad (existing or LE) what colors would you choose? I would choose: Parrot, Carbon, Expensive Pink & Goldmine
  2. sushiiflower

    Stars N Rockets

    I am having such a hard time finding colors to pair with this eyeshadow! What colors do you normally pair with this? For reference, if you click on the myspace link, there is a pic of me there. I have brown eyes, brown hair & I am a GGG, usually a C40 with yellow undertones.
  3. sushiiflower

    a few things about me..

    Hey all! I'm Selina! I'm 24 & from NYC. I've been collecting MAC for little over a year now. My favorite products are the blushes, eye kohls & of course the shadows Oh, and in case you can't tell, sushi flower is my favorite e/s.