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  1. emilyjoy

    I haven't been on specktra forever! Lurve haul.

    My early v-day present. I know the hair products look really cheap, but they weren't. They're from a salon. The hairstylist told me that they were just as good as phyto, but a little cheaper. They are good so far! Anyway, it's kind of small on the mac part... but yeah.. it's still better than...
  2. emilyjoy

    Dino Love HAULage.

    Thanks for looking
  3. emilyjoy

    I shouldn't have taken that nap at 9 pm lol. GREEN & BLUE fotn.

    I used: FACE: Maybelline Dream Matte Foundation NARS Blush in Orgasm Bare Escentials Glow Powder Eyes: Bare Escentials Big Tease Mascara Powerpoint Pencil in Engraved Electric Eel e/s Too Faced Green Eyeshadow from The Sex Kitten Quickie Chronicle Lips: Subculture l/l Stupid Looking...
  4. emilyjoy

    eotd: gorgeous gold party grrl.

    There's my pretty gold eye. <3 And basically, I just had to post this one because it makes me smile lol. Here's what I used: I used: MAC Gorgeous Gold Eyeshadow Urban Decay OIl Slick Eyeshadow MAC Kohl Eyeliner the black one lol (can't recall the name right...
  5. emilyjoy

    Drugstore Falsies that look HOT?!

    I want to try falsies, but I'm way poor atm. Can anyone recommend some good ones? Btw I am going for the more scene-y long glam ones Natural doesn't interest me for once lol. Thanks so much in advance
  6. emilyjoy

    NW15 Skin = Pout Foundation in "candy"?

    Help! I don't want to buy the wrong color.
  7. emilyjoy

    What was MEANT to be a Barbie Loves MAC haul.. lol.

    They were out of all the Barbie Loves MAC stuff I wanted Oh well, I already got my Style It Up lipstick and that was my only absolute "MUST HAVE" so I can't complain.
  8. emilyjoy

    Did they discontinue Sprout?

    Or am I just blind. I can't find it on MAC's website.. and I REALLY want it.. Please help me!
  9. emilyjoy

    FOTD: Smokey Eyes for DAY use. :D

    Face: Maybelline Dream Matte Foundation Blush from Too Faced Sex Kitten Palette Eyes: MAC Kohl Eye Pencil UD E/s in Oil Slick Laura Gellar Baked Eyeshadow Lips: MAC l/s in Blankety Thanks for looking! Constructive criticism is always welcome.
  10. emilyjoy

    UD Surreal Skin vs Bare Escentials vs MAC

    I need a new foundation and hopefully concealer too. I'm looking at buying either: Urban Decay's Surreal Skin Foundation Bare Escentials Foundation Kit from Sephora Or MAC Studio Tech (which I've tried before) Has anyone tried these? Esp the first two. What did you think? I'm an NW15 with...
  11. emilyjoy

    Very simple. Very natural.

    I know this doesn't take a WHOLE lot of skill. But in light of the recent 'sexy makeup' post I decided to create a very natural "no makeup look" What do ya'll think? Sorry my ears are red...
  12. emilyjoy

    FOTN: Retro Pinup Wannabe lol. My first REAL fotd. <3

    Face: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse Foundation in Classic Ivory Maybelline Pure Powder in Light Too Faced Blush in Lavender Rose (from Sex Kitten Quickie Chronicle) Eyes: Bare Escentials Big Tease Mascara Laura Gellar Baked Eyeshadow Lips: Sephora Lip Pencil in Cherry. Revlon Lipstick in...
  13. emilyjoy

    Best concealer for oily skin?

    And I'm pale too. NW15 by Mac's standards. Thanks!
  14. emilyjoy

    My little collection. I can't wait to GROW it. :D *Pic Heavy*

    ^ All of my beautiful brushes. lol. ^ Foundation, glorious foundation. The Spackle primer is like a dream. Blushers. The NARS is Orgasm. And bronzers. ^ Concealer. Yay. ^ Eyes are windows to the soul. <3 ^ MASCARA is a girl's best friend. I love it!! lol. ^Lipstick.. Barbie Loves MAC...
  15. emilyjoy

    Big a haul. <3 . Mostly non-MAC though...

    MAC: Lipstick in Blankety Barbie loves MAC Lipstick in Style it Up Sephora: Laura Gellar Spackle UD Eyeshadow in Oil Slick Sephora lip pencils red & pink Rosebud Salve Benefit Mr. Frosty Bourjios Lower & little lash mascara *I have problems putting mascara on my ubertiny lower lashes, so I...
  16. emilyjoy

    Barbie Loves MAC Fotd

    Excuse the wet hair please...