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  1. adruci

    Need a new skincare line - please recommend! xo

    Hi everyone, I'm on the market for a new skincare line - so I'm hoping you'll share with me THE BEST stuff you've ever tried. Cheap/expensive - I doesn't matter. I just want to know what gave you fantastic results! Thanks for your help! xo
  2. adruci

    What Disco'd product do you miss the most and why?

    For me it's Strada blush. I'm a NC 25 and it was the most perfect blush, contour and eyeshadow... and it's gone! (sob)
  3. adruci

    It's been awhile!

    Hi! I'm adruci from Canada and I used to be on here a lot a few years ago- I was a MAC mua at the time- worked in various position with MAC for 5 yrs even as a store manager. I left in 2010 and unfortunately so have most of the people I worked with. I feel out of the loop sometimes and I'm glad...
  4. adruci

    Shu Hair line

    I've seen Shu Umera's new hair line popping up in some high end salons in my city. I hear it's more of a treatment line - has anyone tried it? I'd love to hear some reviews!
  5. adruci

    OPI permanent polish!

    IT'S AMAZING!!! I saw it advertised in Elle (it's called OPI axxium soak off) - called OPI (a 1-800 # I found on their site) and they put me in touch with a nail tech in my city. I've been getting manicures for years (hate the feeling of gels) but they always chip after a day...