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    My first day!

  2. maggiep07

    SA and MUA...

    I feel like an idiot for asking this because I just got hired... What's the difference between a sales associate and a make up artist. I mean, I know the literal difference... But I thought everyone that worked at MAC was a make up artist? I've been reading threads and noticed some people...
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    My head hurts. Really bad.

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    I was bored.

    I was bored and messed around on photoshop. Yay for fake highlighting! Haha. now my photobucket isn't working? the pictures won't come up. this can be deleted
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    Jamie Lynn is PREGGERS!

    Jamie Lynn spears is preggers!! (Britney's little sister) Who I might add is 16 years old. I find it funny. But sad. How much more f'ed up could that family get? So what does everyone think of it?
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    ghetto booty all over the place

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    I have a secret!

    So i had a couple of interviews at MAC, and this is the look from my first one.. Anyway... I look stupid in my pictures. So, deal with it. Face... Bare Minerals Cheeks: Emote Blush (contour) Don't Be Shy (Duh) Eyes: Bare Study Paintpot Gesso Eyeshadow Pink Opal Pigment Blacktrack...
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    Retail manager interview

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    Quick demo question...

    Should products like prep and prime and strobe cream be put into a petri dish? Or can they be put directly onto brushes? Thank ya
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    Lip mask!

    Any one have any good home remedy (is that the right word) to make an exfoliating lip mask? My lips are super flakey all of a sudden and nothing is working! I've did vasaline and big chunky salt, but that didn't work for me. Anyone got any good recipes? Thanks
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    Look At Me! Look At Me!!

    Hey hotties. I was bored. Here are the results. Oh, and SURPRISE! I used blue. haha! Face: Bare Minerals Cheeks: Emote Blush Baby Eyes: Otherwordly Paint Pot Bare Study Paint Pot Gesso Eyeshadow Haunting Eyeshadow Fig. 1 Eyeshadow Fascinating Eye Khol Blacktrack Fluidline HiP Black Mascara...
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    rebel rock help!

    I've searched the forums and can't really find what i'm looking for! I just want a list (and possibly pictures) of everything from Rebel Rock! Can someone please point me in the right direction!
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    It's ELECTRIC!

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    Blue, duh!

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    Chicago pro store..?

    I don't know where to post this, feel free to move it! Is one of the chicago stores turning into a pro store? If so, when and which location? Thank yoU!
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    ...big sigh of relief...

    Hi! I turned in my resume at MAC today, and this is what I wore! The next freelance audition is in January! Face: Bare Minerals Cheeks: Emote Plum Foolery Don't Be Shy Hullaboo Highlight Powder Eyes: Bare study Paint Pot Blacktrack Fluidline Vex Eyeshadow Bang On Blue Eyeshadow Nile...
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    MAC history

    Hey everyone I tried a search but too much came up! I was wondering if anyone had detailed information about MAC's history? I've found some online, but not very detailed. Thanks!
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    Edit my resume!!

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    My other boyfriend...

    Here is my itty bitty collection that is growing
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    Hi! I've been lovin all the green looks lately, so I got out mine and went at it. I think this is my favorite look I've posted! I love it! I don't really have anywhere to go tonight and show it off though I have to work on three papers, edit and revise. Blah. What a fun Friday night, eh? I was...