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  1. Winnie

    My 'I am Now Poor' Haul.

    Ok, so now I'm officially broke (but at least I'm Happy!) Heatherette came out in the UK today and I went in and got a bunch of stuff. This will be my last Haul for a while! I'm going to NY in June and I've got to go to their huge Soho store...because we pay double the price compared to the US...
  2. Winnie

    Liquid Eyeliners

    Hey guys! I need a little help deciding on an eyeliner to get the winged/cat eye look. I've not had much luck with them before because most drugstore brands just don't stay on! What do you guys think would be the best choice between the Fluidline, Liquidlast liner or Liquid Eyeliner? Thanks
  3. Winnie

    A moment of haulage!

    I went to both Selfridges and my MAC store today as I was in need of some foundation and I wanted to check out the Eurisocrats. Unfortunately Euristocrats wasn't at any of the stores yet! I bought my Mineralised Satin finish in NW25 and decided I had to get Rollickin' P/p, probably due to the...
  4. Winnie


    Since joining specktra, my MAC obsession has more than doubled...I have a constant list of stuff I want that never ever goes down because I just keep adding new things! Here is my haul from today... Lustre Lipstick in Plumful Matte Blush in Mocha Mineralised skin finish Medium Plus...
  5. Winnie

    Hey Guys!

    Hello! I'm a newbie from England. I'm 21 and in my final year at Uni. I bought my first eyeshadow from MAC last October and have become hooked ever since. It's become an expensive hobby! It's so nice to join a community where everyone is as hooked on this stuff as I am, few people I know seem to...