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  1. thelilprincess

    does anyone know this lipstick color?

    it's the red lips in exballerina's avatar picture. i don't want to post the picture since i didn't ask permission. but i am loving the deep red color.
  2. thelilprincess

    does anyone have before/after pics of Cle De Peau Concealer?

    i am curious to how this looks. i've tried many concealers. MAC Studio Finish concealer leaves a dry look on me. MAC Select Cover Up Color Corrector Peach looks too light. Giorgio Armani High Precision Retouch doesn't seem to cover well enough sometimes. thanks!
  3. thelilprincess

    foundation help please.

    ok, so I went back to sephora to check our MUFE foundations. previously they made 2 samples for me, one HD foundation #153 and the F&B one but didn't write the shade #. the SA made me another sample - this time picking F&B Natural Beige 3 which is described for medium skin with pink...
  4. thelilprincess

    help me decide which palettes to save up $ for ROP

    delete please
  5. thelilprincess

    if i have Pout Apricot Totty, do i *need* NARS Torrid?

    if i have Pout Apricot Totty, do i *need* NARS Torrid? i just tried Torrid yesterday & like it better than Orgasm (& i have Milani Luminous anyways) thanks!
  6. thelilprincess

    what color blush & lips should i do with these smoking eyes?

    the MAC MA did my eyes for me using Smoking quad. so amazed with how it turned out, that i bought it and forgot to ask what blush and lips to do with this. suggestions?
  7. thelilprincess

    what do you think of this Sephora tote?

    sephora roll top tote i don't like hard cases (don't like hearing my makeup roll around). i was using a victoria secret bag seen here but it ripped (i guess i was stuffing it a little too much) i like to be able to throw a can of hairspray and my flatiorn in it for travel, too, so i'm...
  8. thelilprincess

    look what i found in my sister's stash!

    my oldest sister invited me over for dinner with her and her family - my 5yo neice pulled out my sister's makeup train and i decided to look through it (she keeps her quads and her 15 palette in the bathroom).... anyhow, i saw she had a pigment in the case. it was Coco Beach!! brand new...
  9. thelilprincess

    ?s on old Matt Murphy Brush Roll

    how much did this patent version retail for? it holds 18 brushes. and opinions on it? from what i could find so far from search button, the pro is that it's sturdier than the new roll. Cons are that it scratches up easily and it folds in thirds rather than actually roll up. tia!
  10. thelilprincess

    lines under the eyes...

    i've hit 30yo, and beginning to notice the lines under my eyes. and a little forming on the lids. i'm pretty sure this is from rubbing my eyes the last couple years - i know so bad, but it was all that late night studying. a lot of the milia has cleared up (some come back every now and...
  11. thelilprincess

    Will Px Virtual Skin photograph well?

    i used Prescriptives Virtual SKin years ago (again, only wear foundation on occasions). I decided to try MAC Hyper Real because I wanted dewy/glowy skin, but I find that when I wear it for several consecutive days, i tend to break out. MAC Studio Fix compact is ok, but not quite the lumious...
  12. thelilprincess

    recommend hairstylist in San Diego??

    ok, i love my stylist, but she moved to Florida over a year ago...though she comes back every 3 months to visit one of her daughters (18yo. didn't want to leave bf and move to Fl). but she still takes appts. the thing is, it's getting so hard to wait 12 weeks sometimes...granted i don't...
  13. thelilprincess

    anyone try revlon 3d mascara yet?

    mixed reviews over at MUA. interested in seeing if the gel formula is light enough to hold a curl (i hate waterproof - too drying) i'd love to see before and after shots with the revlon 3d.
  14. thelilprincess

    can i get MAC Pro exclusives at standalone MAC store?

    i know, that sounds like such a dumb question. but i know that the MAC at Fashion Valley (San Diego) has the e/s pans, blush pans, as well as empty palettes. i don't think there's any MAC Pro in SD. anyhow, i just found out that there are Pro exclusive lipsticks (yeah, where have i...
  15. thelilprincess

    pigment samples?

    i own 3 full size pigments - 2 i've had for a couple years now and seriously, it doesn't even look like i put a dent in them. i don't use these everyday, so that's why they still look full. i'm thinking of getting some pigment samples (oh, so bad b/c i'm not suppose to spend money)....but...
  16. thelilprincess

    rule of thumb on blushes???

    ok, i tend to wear peach colored blushes - i will wear MAC Pinch O Peach when i wear natural brown e/s or when i do red lips. Milani Lumionous is great, too. i picked up MAC Blushbaby (natural pink?) for my engagement party since i was wearing a traditional dress in purple - so my makeup...
  17. thelilprincess

    did you order from

    wondering how it went. i read over at MUA that someone received makeup with a department store sticker on it and product looked used. i thought you aren't suppose to sell used makeup. the site looks legit, but i've never ordered from them. how has your products looked?
  18. thelilprincess

    honey lust everywhere

    ok, there are some colors i avoid from my holiday sets just because they look too light for me (retrospeck, brill, pink freeze) but i just recently learned that i should just use a tiny amount in a small area like the inner corner of my eyes to make it work. however, honey lust looks so pretty...
  19. thelilprincess

    has anyone tried Revlon Bare It All?

    has anyone tried Revlon Bare It All? just wondering since Skinlights has been d/c. is it comparable?
  20. thelilprincess

    beauty powder & pearlizer?

    ok, these might be lame questions........but i'll ask anyway since i want to know the answers 1) How do you use beauty powders? - fiance just bought me Pearl Sunshine - I see in some tuts, people use them as blush, while others have it listed unfer "Face" - does this mean that they use the...