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  1. BuyMeLipGloss

    sorry the photo's blurry but here's my FOTN!

    face: revlon colorstay original foundation in buff Ben Nye matte foundation in shinsei 1 under eyes chanel loose powder in translucent 1 eyes: mac platinum pigment mac silver ring and satin taupe to contour mac e/s in carbon near lashline scb e/s in lily to highlight cheeks: mac blush duo in...
  2. BuyMeLipGloss

    what l/l to pair with MAC l/s in Angel? rop

    i'm wearing it with Subculture right now, but it's way too warm so i have to be careful to blend it and all. i'd like a light cool pink similar in depth to Subculture, if it exists. it doesn't have to be MAC, and i would actually prefer d/s, although i really appreciate ANY recs. TIA!
  3. BuyMeLipGloss

    preferred method of application with MAC Studio Tech?

    should I get a brush, or do you think it would work with my fingers/sponge? TIA!
  4. BuyMeLipGloss

    fav deep conditioner?

    my hair is really fickle so i always need to change up the products i use on it. what are your fav deep conditioners? TIA!
  5. BuyMeLipGloss

    my "i must play with new stuff" FOTD!

    face: Revlon colorstay foundation in buff Ben Nye matte foundation in shinsei 1 as concealer Chanel loose powder in translucent 1 eyes: MAC fluidline in frostlite as a base MAC e/s in da bling as a wash Lola e/s in stormy weather to contour outer half cargo e/s in persia near lashline (i need...
  6. BuyMeLipGloss

    Who here has a tattoo?

    where is it and what is it? Thanks!
  7. BuyMeLipGloss

    my MAC warm/teal e/s palette FOTD!

    haha, so i apologize for the crazy hair and ugly t-shirt - it's my sleep shirt! eyes: MAC overcast shadestick as a base Buff-de-buff as a wash blurr e/s to highlight Embark near lashline bluer blue on outer half, blended in false lashes cheeks: WnW AOS MAC bronzer in Refined GOlden...
  8. BuyMeLipGloss

    my techno fantasy FOTD

    skin: regular foundation, concealer, powder MAC refined golden bronzer to contour WnW AOS shimmer powder eyes: MAC overcast shadestick as a base HC techno quad - silver as base, white to highlight, dark gray on outer corner, sparkly black near lashline Make Up Store eye dust in fantasy dusted...
  9. BuyMeLipGloss

    my Halloween FOTD! first time out in red l/s!

    face: reg. foundation/concealer/powder MAC Refined GOlden bronzer WnW AOS powder eyes: MAC shadestick in overcast as a base HC techno e/s quad (3 lighter shades - silver as a wash, white/blue to highlight, gray to contour) Revlon liquid eyeliner in black (lots of it!) Ardell Demi 120 false...
  10. BuyMeLipGloss

    my first specktra FOTD! please excuse the stupid 2nd pic... i'm addicted to chupa chups! face: Revlon colorstay foundation in buff Ben Nye matte foundation in shinsei 1 as concealer Chanel loose powder in translucent 1 MAC...
  11. BuyMeLipGloss

    sorry this is OT but i need a rec. for a livejournal username!

    let's see... i like pink, high heels, guess, bebe, MAC, stila.... i'm a girly girl but i don't want anything skanky. any recs?? TIA!
  12. BuyMeLipGloss

    favorite body scrubs?

    i love Totally Juicy's hot apple scrub for everyday cuz it's so cheap and works so well, but when i'm taking a bath and relaxing, my fav is tutti dolci body polish (not the body buff) because it smells divine and feels so good! VS foaming sugar scrub is also good.