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  1. SMMY

    The “I know things are dire out there, but this will make you smile” thread

    Yes, the news all around us is pretty unpleasant for the most part and for some of our Specktra ladies, even less pleasant. So I thought it would be nice to have a thread that is strictly for cheering everyone up, sans material goodies, cause not everything is about lipgloss. This is the thread...
  2. SMMY

    MAC FF sale 25% - through January 8 online

    Just in case people missed it in the collection thread, MAC is having an online sale through January 8, sales code is MACFF9. Viva glam and Dame Edna seem to be excluded and I have no idea if this code is a one time use only code. Hope this helps someone out.
  3. SMMY

    Reasons why I love SpecKtra

    I thought after Janice's post, it would be nice to start an open love letter to Specktra and the admins and mods who work so hard on giving us a place to discuss our love of all things MAC. Having worked on a forum before, I know how much hard work it is, half of which is never seen. So kudos...
  4. SMMY

    Possible new Mac eye and lip products - collection

    From swellgirl at MUA pictures also courtesy of swellgirl: and new lipglass pencils:
  5. SMMY

    Powder Ink Eye Shadows? Working name

    From swellgirl at MUA pictures also courtesy of swellgirl: and new lipglass pencils:
  6. SMMY

    The Originals - What is on your wishlist for this collection?

    So now it looks like MAC is bringing Parrot back in the Originals Collection. What is on your wish list of other items that you would love to see in this collection? I'm hoping for: Gold Deposit msf Stereorose msf All Girl and Goldenaire pigment Sweetie Cakes lip gloss Guacamole and Say Yeah...
  7. SMMY

    MAC Collections and How You Shop Them.

    I started thinking after reading the thread about affording your MAC addiction about peoples collecting habits with MAC. I wondered how many people here: 1 Purchase pretty much an entire collection if they like it and skip other collections all together if they don't like the...
  8. SMMY

    Three Essential Brushes Poll

    Okay, this is one of those silly poll threads. The point of it is to find out what everyone thinks is their most useful tools in their brush stash. So here it is: You are on this fabulous cruise in a. the Caribbean b. the Mediterranean c. Bali d. or any place that you have fantasized about...
  9. SMMY

    Avant Mineralized Skinfinishes are up on website

    If you do a search for mineralized skinfinish on the MAC website, they are up and available for ordering. Edit:There up on under their search engine too. I hope this helps someone out.
  10. SMMY

    The Unofficial "How long Msfs will take to sellout" thread

    Okay how long do you think it will take for the A Muse mineralized skinfinishes, especially Shooting Star, to sell out from the date of release. Name your guess here in days, hours or minutes. I hope to god its not seconds! I'm guessing by the end of the first day for Shooting Star and a couple...
  11. SMMY

    She Shines and We Plot!

    So everyone is making their list for pigments tomorrow, I assume. I am curious as who is getting what and why. What pigments are you picking up and why did you chose the colors you chose? Did texture play a part in your choice and what are your plans for these pigments? Will you press them or...
  12. SMMY

    She Shine Pigments up at Pro site

    I just noticed the She Shines Pigments are up at the Pro Site. Haven't checked the MAC site yet.
  13. SMMY

    MAC Collections and changes of heart

    I wonder how many of us have had our heart set on a certain collection from initial descriptions of it and then ended up buying nothing or very little from it. On the flip side, how often do we find our apathy for certain collection dissolve upon the release of it and seeing actual swatches of...
  14. SMMY

    My little CCO haul

    I found the following items this morning at a not so nearby CCO: Pigments Lovely Lily Deckchair Opal Pink Coco -I was so excited to find the Coco and the Deckchair pigments. I now have all of the three pigments from the D'bohemia Collection. I missed this collection and so am tickled to have...