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  1. Nuuniie

    Pastel Look

    I got back. I miss you guys tonz!!!
  2. Nuuniie

    What is the red MAC lip color suits for yellow teeth??

    I have yellow teeth... not that much yellow but not white... but I need to wear red lips so what is the BEST red lip color of MAC?? Please tell me... I need to buy it... Thx much
  3. Nuuniie

    2 Styles

  4. Nuuniie

    How to use Pigment???

    I just bought 2,but dunt know exactly how to use??
  5. Nuuniie

    Look like Bare Face

  6. Nuuniie

    Light Smoky~~~

  7. Nuuniie

    Me,Make up,Violet + Blue ...

    8) With red lips
  8. Nuuniie

    A Quick Tut for Smoky Eyes

    There is no NEW tut recently... So I decided to make this tut... I do love smoky eyes ^^ But I will make other diff tuts soon... Enjoy ^^
  9. Nuuniie

    I just love it !!! come & look ^^

  10. Nuuniie

    Natural Looks

  11. Nuuniie

    What are these brands??

    I wanna have these colors of lip sticks the 2nd one is belong to Etude,but what color??? ANd what is the best brand the has the best color of creating smoky eyes??
  12. Nuuniie

    Gimme some sites of How To Make Up with Pix

    Plz ... I need some links that teach how to make up with clear pix... Or u guys can just post only the pix of the REAL models then I will apply maslf,thx....
  13. Nuuniie

    Some looks of mine

  14. Nuuniie

    Smoky Eyes...

    any1 want a tut??? If u c real me u will notice that my eyes r more black & u will c more details but when I took the pix it came out like this hope u guys like them...
  15. Nuuniie

    Clear Make Up Look

  16. Nuuniie

    Nuuniie's Magical Eyes - Light Smoky Eyes

    Tut here :
  17. Nuuniie

    Nuuniie's Magical Eyes

    Light Smoky Eyes My Make Ups Stuff
  18. Nuuniie

    Some of my Looks :)

    Lots I'll make somee tuts soon Crystal Clear Does it give a warm look? Scary?