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  1. mkoparanova

    Christian Louboutin Beauty -- COMING SOON?

    What I saw today when I opened my boxes: Sevillana and Bikini, Bikini hasn't even been swatched.. Both were in their boxes in a drawer. Me Nude also looks like this, I've worn it quite a lot though. I don't know if I can use them but it's unacceptable, I haven't even had them for a year!
  2. mkoparanova

    Guerlain discussion

    So I got Black perfecto, My first nail polish and Beige lingerie. They all smell very nice! The lipsticks are sheer and balmy, I haven't tried mine yet. Black perfecto looks gorgeous but I'm afraid that it won't look like that on the nails. I'll try it later.
  3. mkoparanova

    Givenchy Cosmetics

  4. mkoparanova

    Theme Makeup with a Purpose

    Hello ladies and happy new year!! :party: I haven't posted here in a really long time, so here's my NYE look: Face: Clarins Beauty Flash Balm CT Magic Foundation 3 MAC Light boost Chanel Lumiere d'ete MAC Corol - dark part TF Softcore - highlighter Chanel Poudre universelle libre 20 Guerlain...
  5. mkoparanova

    Guerlain discussion It's getting a bit ridiculous imo..
  6. mkoparanova

    General Chanel Chat

    Swatches of the highlighter:;topic=892782 It's pretty!
  7. mkoparanova

    Chanel LA Sunrise Collection-Spring 2016

  8. mkoparanova

    Theme Makeup with a Purpose

    I wore Signe Particulier, Rouge noir liner and mascara again today! The blush was MAC Corol (dark part), highlighter - MAC Lust and the lipstick - D&G Inferno.
  9. mkoparanova

    Get Your Dark Lip On!

    Today's lipstick was D&G Inferno:
  10. mkoparanova

    Givenchy Cosmetics

    The LE lipstick in the new Harrods magazine. £239
  11. mkoparanova

    Dior Cosmetics Discussion

    beautylogicblog snapchat (there's a 5 pics per post limit)
  12. mkoparanova

    Dior Cosmetics Discussion

    beautylogicblog snapchat
  13. mkoparanova

    Theme Makeup with a Purpose

    A lot of people couldn't log in with their old passwords. Also I've seen quite a few post about people not wanting to spend as much time here now because of the new look. It's sad, I'm in a different time zone than most of you and it was sometimes taking me 1 hour every morning to go through the...
  14. mkoparanova

    Dior Cosmetics Discussion

    Dior summer. Not impressed..
  15. mkoparanova

    Report issues, feedback and suggestions with the "new" site here!

    So I disabled adblock for specktra but the placement of the ads is quite strange and a bit annoying because it's over the profile and notifications. Is that how everyone is seeing them?
  16. mkoparanova

    Report issues, feedback and suggestions with the "new" site here!

    Oh ok, I prefer to see only the subscriptions, especially since I have to refresh the page to see if there are new posts now. Thank you! I didn't notice it there. How did you quote multiple people? I had to copy-paste now :D Also is the forum too big only for my monitor? I'm not sure why...
  17. mkoparanova

    Theme Makeup with a Purpose

    I'll try it when I'm at a counter. But I probably don't need it :roflmao: I'm glad that specktra is back :icon_cheers: A look from 2 days ago: Face: MAC Fix+ CT Miracle want 2 CT Magic foundation 3 MAC Light boost LM Ritual D&G Tan TF Softcore - blush D&G shimmer powder Glow light 1 MAC...
  18. mkoparanova

    Michael Kors Beauty

    I didn't find a thread about it, so I'm starting one. Has anyone tried Michael Kors cosmetics? I have one bronzer - Flush. It's a very pretty natural-looking reddish shade and I use it a lot in the summer. I can use it as a blush, when I'm not tanned but I haven't done that yet...