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  1. psmap85

    Pro Palette - Customized

    Just saw this on Instyle, a new customized palette. You can add your own blushes & eyeshadow. I am so glad Nars is finally doing this. Release date is Sept 1. Link below.
  2. psmap85

    Nars All Day Luminous powder foundation SPF 24

    Was at sephora jcp, & came across a new product spot on the nars display for a new powder foundation. Does anyone know more info? I took pictures but will post when I am able to. Did find someone selling one on eBay. Hope link works, I am on my iPad. Almost out of my powder, glad I didn't order...
  3. psmap85

    Nordstrom Anniversary Palette

    Just got my nordstrom anniversary catalog in the mail today. The nars item is a "Joie De Vivre" Cheek Palette. It includes laguna, albatross, orgasm, luster, angelika, and gaiety. ($65) I thought it was the same one from sephora, but it has different shades. They also...
  4. psmap85

    Nars Larger than Life than life lipgloss at sephora has the new larger than life lipgloss. Looks like they are exclusive to sephora for a while. Now we just need swatches.
  5. psmap85

    Nordstrom Anniversary Beauty

    Does anyone know anything about the nars special product for the nordstrom anniversary sale?
  6. psmap85

    3 New Sets at Nordstrom

    Nordstrom has 3 news sets online. Not really interested in them, have most of the products in them. Here's the...
  7. psmap85

    Vintage Nail Polish for Fall 2010

    Looks like new vintage nail polish is coming out in october 2010. Can't wait. Does anyone have any swatches? My Lucid Bubble: Nars
  8. psmap85

    Sheer Matte vs Sheer Glow Foundation

    Have been using fiji in the sheer glow foundation for a long time. Decided to get the sheer matte in the same color, fiji, to use for the summer. It seems that the matte shade is a little lighter then the glow foundation. Has anyone noticed this before. Should I go up in the matte shade.
  9. psmap85

    Tons of new stuff this summer.

    My nordie's nars counter manager showed me the catalog for nars. Summer collection comes out in may, new spf lipstick in may, new multiple tints in june, and a eyeshadow primer.
  10. psmap85

    Stila And Barbie

    Stila and barbie are teaming up for a collection. Check out the link: Getting Dolled Up: Stila and Mattel Make a Deal - Beauty Industry News -
  11. psmap85

    Nars Holiday Eyeshadow Palette on Sale

    The holiday eyeshadow palette is on sale at sephora from 50 to 45. Still not major but its something. Just go to and type sale into search.
  12. psmap85

    Friends and Family

    Does anyone know if Nars has a friends and family sale. It seems like every beauty brand is having one these days.